Watch: My Expert Midwife talk all things antenatal classes and preparing for birth

My Expert Midwife talk all things antenatal classes and preparing for birth

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We caught up with My Expert Midwife to talk about all things antenatal classes.

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It's important to prepare for labour as much as possible beforehand and make a plan for yourself.

In the live above you'll hear My Expert Midwife CEO and co-found, Lesley Gilchrist, go in depth about how to choose your antenatal classes, when parents should think about booking them and what they will cover.

Lesley also goes in depth about making a birth plan/preferences, how to make decisions, the stages of labour, pain relief, what to expect immediately after birth and what to think about now your little one has arrived!

My Expert Midwife Antenatal classes

My Expert Midwife have developed antenatal classes to help provide you with all the information you need to make informed choices when preparing for labour, birth and early parenthood.

Their foundation antenatal classes run over 4 weeks, with all sessions taught exclusively by midwives. Midwives have experience in all aspects of maternity care and can provide you with the latest evidence-based information on:

  • Birth plans and decision making

  • Signs and stages of labour

  • Pain relief options

  • Giving birth and recovery

Supplementary classes are also available to explore other topics in more detail, such as:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Optimal postnatal recovery

  • Newborn baby care

They also provide supporting webinars on topics such as perineal massage and colostrum harvesting as well as access to their eBooks, guides and checklists packed with information and helpful tips.

These interactive classes are practical and anti-fluff, whilst still being fun and will leave you feeling confident about making decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth.

What’s more, other parents joining the online classes will be at a similar point in their pregnancies, enabling you to develop friendships and support networks during this time.

In addition, you will have access to My Expert Midwife’s private facebook community group, where you can connect with other parents-to-be, build relationships and share your experiences of pregnancy and parenthood.

These classes are a great way for you and your birth partner to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood from the comfort of your own home.

Browse My Expert Midwife Antenatal Classes here.

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