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Casper mattress

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With sleep never far from every new-parents mind, and plenty of bed-in-a-box options on the internet, we took a look at just how easy it is to order a Casper mattress, and more importantly, what it’s actually like to sleep on.

The ‘internet’s favourite mattress’

When you first land on Casper’s website, you’re quickly sucked in by the incredible stats – the mattress has won a Which best buy, and been granted the Independent seal of approval, but can a mattress really make that much of a difference?

According to the science behind the mattress, the brains behind Casper in San Francisco have spent years analysing how we sleep, and designed a mattress to help. With four layers of foam, including a special pressure-relieving level, the mattress supports pressure points – something that can come in really handy when sleeping with a bump, or just after birth.

The different layers allow for even weight distribution, meaning no matter how you sleep, you’re supported. The top layer is breathable, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable during the night, even during the summer. Of course, with tots in the house, it’s not just their bed that receives the inevitable spills and accidents, but thanks to the zip-off cover, the Casper is easy to clean (and dry).

Ordering the mattress

Of course, with tots in tow, Ikea is an absolute no, as is spending the day wandering round a bed shop, testing different mattresses. As parents, anything that makes life easier is a massive tick, and Casper definitely met expectations.

Once you’ve decided on the size, ordering is a simple click away, and in most cases the mattress arrives in a box to your door within three working days. Wait till the kids are in bed, then simply pull the mattress out the box, and release it from the air-tight packaging. Within an hour, your mattress will be ready to go.

The sleep test

The most important part – what is it like to actually sleep on the Casper mattress? In one word, a dream. Be warned, it might not be as comfy as your old mattress from night one and depending on what you currently sleep on, it can take a bit of getting used to, but stick with it. We found back and hip pain was alleviated after a couple of nights, and once the bed was on a firm base, it was beyond comfortable. Perhaps most significantly, despite living in a noisy London flat, we had a completely uninterrupted sleep and slept through till morning for the first time in years!

The best part is, you can test the mattress out too thanks to Casper’s 100 nights free trial. If for whatever reason you don’t love the mattress within the company will pick it up from your bedroom (don’t worry about wrestling it back into that beautiful-looking box) and give you a full refund.

Get ready to feel refreshed, and have a browse of the full Casper sleep range here. Now, is it too soon to head back to bed?

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