We tried Rochelle Humes’ beauty range to see if it would make us glow

by Aimee Jakes |
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If there was a celeb who knew a thing or two about aglowing complexion, it's the always dazzling Rochelle Humes!

Now, all our birthdays and Christmases have come at once as the telly presenter has released her own beauty range which is ALL about achieving shimmery-glimmery skin. Ideal really, when the last time we had eight hours sleep was in 2010.

The beauty range includes body shimmers, lip balms, face masks and foundation drops that promises to give you the 'I-had-time-to-sit-down-with-a-cuppa-this-morning' look. But with such mighty claims, did the products make us sparkle or just make our bank balance look more depressing? Mother & Baby give our expert thoughts!


Rochelle Humes beauty range

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Rochelle Humes Glow Face Mask

Don't be put off by how watery this product is. It easily mixes with your foundation and the glowy finish is phenomenal.

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Rochelle Humes Light Shimmer Oil

We LOVE this high-intensity oil looks sensational when applied to skin. Apply this over your legs, arms and décolletage for the perfect evening look.

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Rochelle Humes Face Bronzer

Add a few drops to your foundation for an all-over radiant glow. Make sure you mix it well with your foundation or it can leave your skin looking a tad patchy.

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Rochelle Humes Glow Face Mask

Your skin glow from within, with this ultra nourishing skin treatment. The sheet mask may make you look like a transformer, but it will give you a 'I've-spent-two-weeks-in-Malaga' look to compensate. There is also heaps of left over serum inside the packet, which you can use throughout the week as a touch up. Brilliant.

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Rochelle Humes Radiance Body Cream

We use this body lotion as a fake tan when we have under five minutes to get ready! It gives the skin instant colour and a gorgeous sheen - thought stay away from your white bed sheets, ladies!

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