We asked Dr Kristina how to get really white teeth (and why you shouldn’t try DIY kits)

by Aimee Jakes |
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Sparkling white teeth that make strangers do another take, is the dream isn't it? Shiny, bright and healthy. All the adjectives I'd strive for when plonking another 'miracle DIY whitening kit' into my trolley during the weekly Asda shop. Did they work? Hell no. Did I keep buying them? Look, can you stop judging me, please.

A combination of me drinking approx 18 cups* of coffee a day and being stubborn when it came to seeking help from professionals (I could be spouting blood from my neck and still wouldn't visit my GP), meant my smile was becoming increasingly discoloured.

So, after a few stern words with myself, you'll be pleased to know I finally caved and booked a treatment with the well renowned Dr Krystyna at Blush and Blow in Parsons Green.

The treatment:

The teeth whitening treatment on offer at Blush and Glow is a full course of hydrogen peroxide whitening tubes from WhiteWash Laboratories that work to bleach through each layer of the tooth to the core.  You have moulds taken of your top and bottom teeth and are given a syringe of whitening gel to take home. You have to squeeze a blob of the inside the moulds and wear them for at least four hours a day. It's advised to do this at night when you're less likely to eat or drink. The whole process takes around seven days and Dr Krystyna warned against drinking coffee during this time. "Your teeth are especially porous during teeth whitening, so if you have to drink coffee, make sure you use a straw!' she advised.

Professional teeth whitening vs DIY treatments:

Why shell out on expensive teeth whitening, when you can find cheap DIY kits in your local Superdrug? Dr Krystyna explains, "Home remedies only ever lighten the outer layer of the tooth (or the ‘enamel’), which doesn’t last longer than a matter of weeks. The same applies to professional teeth whitening where lasers and lights are used- these are quick fixes."

"Though doing the treatment at home over a small period of time is more work, it means the whitened result lasts longer."

Sign me up!

How long did it take to see a difference?

Honestly, after the first night! The first few days of wearing the moulds were the most visually dramatic for my now-pearly whites. Even though you'd expect a professional tooth whitening treatment to work, I was still sceptical at first.  I MEAN, IF THE SUPERMARKET ONES DIDN'T EVEN WORK A LITTLE BIT, MAYBE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY TEETH? However, I was glad to be proved wrong so quickly.

Did it work?


Oh, it worked alright. My close friend's noticed my teeth were whiter and even one of the trainers in the gym came up to me and said, 'Blimey, your teeth are white!' Honestly. Day. Made. You can buy top-ups of the whitening gel for £20, meaning once you've paid the initial fee, it's affordable to keep your smile in tip-top shape.

For a consultation with Dr Krystyna at Blush and Blow or to find out more, click here.

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