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Bad hair day? We've all been there and having just a few minutes to make your hair look good in a morning can get stressful. That's why we've rounded up 20 of the most quick and easy hairstyles you can do in just a matter of minutes to give yourself a simple hairstyle that's guaranteed to look fabulous.

Whether you have long or short, straight or curly hair, with these helpful YouTube tutorials and some handy tips and products, you’ll have a super stylish style in no time.

1. Sleek low bun

Probably THE easiest and most neat hairstyle you can do when you've only got a minute to spare. Perfect for those greasy hair days when the dry shampoo runs out.  This style is also brilliant if you've not had time to dry your hair in the morning as your wet locks will stay secure tucked into a tidy bun.

2. Simple plait

Having one of those days where your hair just won't cooperate? Try this very pretty french plait. Practice makes perfect with this hairstyle but once you've mastered the technique, it's great for hot days where you just want your hair away from your face.

3. Easy top knot


This style is not only super easy to do, it's also a gorgeous chic look - especially when paired with a pair of statement earrings.

4. Easy ponytail for short hair

If your hair is on the shorter side, this lovely low ponytail with side twists is a great option for you. Not only is it super simple, but it also looks like you've put loads of effort in.

5. Headband plait

With a little bit of practise, you'll be doing this plaited style with ease in no time! This style is perfect if you're over due a trip to the salon to cut your fringe or if the front of your hair just isn't playing ball.

6. Half up half down bun

Another style that works well with both long hair and short is the simple yet stylish half up half down with a bun or without, depending on what you prefer.

7. High puff

Perfect for those days when you just want to get your hair up while still looking fabulous, the high puff is a go-to winner.

8. Add a scarf

Grab your favourite scarf for these chic and stylish styles and add some colour to your ponytail, plait or bun for a simple yet stunning look.

9.Twisted half up half down

A great look if you have curls still in your hair from the day before or if you've recently been to the salon. The idea with this look is to make it look messy so it's a great option if you don't feel confident with doing your own hair.

10. Space buns

Woke up feeling cute? These space buns give you an instant fun look for your day.

11. The messy bun

We love this one-minute bun from Alexis Mae! Perfect for looking fab on the school run!

12. Half up plait

Another pretty style you can try out in the morning to get your hair out of your face.

13.Textured high-pony

Perfect if your hair is naturally a bit curly and textured with some volume. You'll also be thankful to hear this style works best a few days after you've washed your hair (win!).

14. Twisted crown

We love this versatile hair look that would work for a lazy day or even a wedding! It's great for twisting up your curls and coils into one neat and simple style.

15. Sleek low ponytail

Sometimes, nothing beats how chic and simple a classic low ponytail is. This style is ideal if your hair is naturally straight. Alternatively, you can give your hair a quick smooth over with your straighteners to achieve that sleek look.

16. Style your hair with grips (bobby pins)

If your home is anything like ours, you'll no doubt have a sea of grips (or bobby pins as they're called in the states) floating around your home. These cute hair grips can be picked up from just about any pharmacy or supermarket and there are endless styles you can try with them for an instant neat look.

17. Side swept curls

If you've been blessed with a gorgeous head of curly or coily hair, this hairstyle will look fantastic on you. This one is ideal for a do you can prep the night before, sleep in, and then wake up to remove the braids and fluff out the curls.

18. Quick sleek straight hair

If you're speedy with a straightening iron and you have around 5-10 minutes to spare (depending on how much hair you have) a simple sleek style is an easy style to have a go at.

19. Quick curls with heat

This ponytail trick is a great little hack for a quick curled look that you can do in just a few minutes in the morning.

20. Braided ponytail

Whether you're using a fake ponytail or your own hair, this style looks effortlessly stylish and will stay put all day.

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