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Soak for Bits is a new midwife-developed, soothing bath soak, from My Expert Midwife, aimed at helping women’s postpartum recovery and get you on the right path to feeling more yourself again after birth.

With the aim to help restore the perineum and help women recover after childbirth, research shows 9 in 10 first time mothers who have a vaginal birth experience perineal trauma, and Soak for Bits has been developed to relieve any discomfort.

Speaking about the new product, Midwife and Co-Founder of My Expert Midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, said: “At My Expert Midwife, we want to support women and make their recovery following childbirth as easy and pain-free as possible. However, until now, there has been a lack of products available to aid recovery of the perineum and help the majority of new mums who sustain perineal trauma – whether it’s a graze, tear, or an episiotomy - during vaginal childbirth.

“That’s why, we’ve combined our personal experience and expert knowledge to create Soak for Bits, a unique bath soak specially formulated to recover and restore the perineum after birth to help new mums feel like themselves again.”

For healing and rejuvenation

Soak for Bits, which can be used alongside My Expert Midwife’s Spritz for Bits, is made from premium Epsom salts and not only helps to heal physically but mentally too, promoting rejuvenation for tired aching bodies and tired minds.

The Epsom salts are blended with tea tree, bergamot and calendula essential oils for this relief promoting bath soak, to provide relief from perineal soreness.

Arnica is another key ingredient in the mix here, and this oil can soothe muscle aches and reduce swelling, providing new mums with much needed relief.

Soak for Bits can also be used to help healing and soreness after a caesarean section (after the dressing is removed and the wound is undergoing the normal healing process).

Why self-care is essential, especially after birth

My Expert Midwife believes that taking a relaxing bath after childbirth should be an essential part of a new mother’s postpartum recovery routine, particularly after an episiotomy or tearing during birth (As reported by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) as this can help to ease pain, promote healing, and give good hygiene to the perineal area.

Simply adding a scoop of Soak for Bits to a warm bath is recommended to further aid recovery, by encouraging blood flow to the perineal area and helping to reduce soreness and inflammation.

More about Soak for Bits

Soak for Bits is the first product of its kind and will be welcomed by women as the perfect postpartum recovery partner for Spritz for Bits, an award-winning perineal spray already championed as a hospital bag essential.

Used together, the recovery bundle helps to protect and maintain the condition of the perineum and provides the instant relief new mums need for perineal soreness, bruising and swelling during the postpartum period.

Soak for Bits (RRP £29.50) is safe to use immediately after childbirth, even while breastfeeding. Birth Recovery Duo is the unique set which includes both Spritz for Bits and Soak for Bits (RRP £39, worth £49). Both products are available from  www.myexpertmidwife.com.

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