MAC’s new Glow range will make you look like you’ve actually had some sleep

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Sleep! Remember that thing you used to do, where you'd close your eyes, drift to a wondrous (and undisturbed!) place and rest for a full eight hours? Maybe a lie in on a Sunday, if you fancied it? Pah! The good ole days.

We actually can't remember the last time we indulged in a lie in. #mumlife

If you're reading the above whilst nodding your head and thinking, 'yup, that's me!' then you are in luck, as MAC have dropped a new collection and it's all about achieving the “just-been-to-the-spa gleam”. Almost as good as the real thing!

The four new products have been expertly formulated to help you achieve 'the glow' and with prices starting at £19, it feels almost too good to be true.

The range includes the revamped Prep+Prime Fix (+ Shimmer) spray which promises to set your make up, whilst giving your skin the ultimate strobed finish. Beauty junkies can pick between a pink-hued or a glam gold finish. Grown-up glitter has never been so cool.


Terry Barber, MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry, has revealed that the new collection is all you need for “uber-healthy super skin” . Oooh, sign us up!

Other highlights (sorry) from the collection include Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt, £25.50, the favourite liquid-powder highlighter revamped into a shimmering pale gold shade, a Body Lotion, £25 which will add a subtle sheen to the skin.

Check out the full collection below:


MAC glow collection

1 of 4

Prep + Prime Fix + Shimmer, £19, MAC

2 of 4

Strobe Body Lotion, £25, MAC

3 of 4

Mineralise Skin Finish, £25.50, MAC

4 of 4

Glow Palette, £35, MAC

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