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When parenthood turns you into an unwilling night owl, some days you need a little extra help to look human.

Cue the wonders of cream blush. It not only brightens and enlivens your whole face in seconds, but it melts into your skin and can easily pass as a natural, healthy flush.

Gone are the years where cream blush meant looking rather red in the face all day. The formulas have come so far in recent years, and they're super easy to apply and build.

From easy to apply stick blushers to ones you can blend with your fingers or a brush, we've rounded up the best cream blushers in the UK to give you a healthy glow.

Try it, we promise no one will know you’ve been up since 3am…

This wonder product from natural beauty loving brand Glossier is super versatile making it ideal for those mornings when you don’t have much time to spare. Use it on your cheeks, lips and even eyelids for an instant pop of colour.

How many shades? 8

How to apply - use your fingertips to dab a tiny amount (emphasis on tiny) into the apples of your cheeks and wherever else you need a colour boost.

This matte blush is great if you’re new to the world of cream blushers. It can be applied straight onto the skin, onto creamy foundations and even onto your powder depending on the order you do your makeup in. It builds up slowly, meaning you’re not going to leave the house looking like Mr Tumble.

How many shades? 8

How to apply? Either use a soft brush or your fingers to dab a small amount across the cheeks, blending into your face.

Milk Makeup Mini Lip + Cheek
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If you prefer to apply your cream blush with a stick, this milk makeup stick can quickly be swiped across the face and blended in with your finger tips. Cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, it’s also infused with mango butter, avocado oil and apricot oil, making it ideal if your skin is on the drier side.

How many shades? 6

How to apply? Glide straight onto the face using the stick applicator and blend with your fingers into your face. Build as needed.

We’re huge fans of Elf cosmetics here at Mu0026B thanks to their brilliant yet totally affordable products. This super lightweight and buildable putty cream blush is infused with argan oil and vitamin E to give you flushed from within type glow.

How many shades? 8

How to apply? Apply with your fingers and gently pat over the apples of your cheeks. Continue to apply until you reach your desired colour.

This MAC blush is a sort of hybrid between your powder blush and your cream blush making it ideal for those who might be a little nervous to switch to cream. Ideal if you’re looking for a sheer to medium finish, it’s super creamy and smooth to apply.

How many shades? 11

How to apply? Apply with your fingers or your favourite blusher brush for a natural, buildable finish.

A cream blush and tinted lip balm in one, this is another brilliant all in one product. It’s super long-lasting with a lot of pigment meaning you really don’t need much to achieve your desired look. The matte texture also looks really natural on the skin for a beautifully flushed look.

How many shades? 10

How to apply? Use your finger tips or brush to apply on the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards and outwards.

Velvety in texture with a powdery finish, this creamy blush blends to a sheer flush or can be layered up for a stronger, more bold look. We love the fact it comes with a built-in mirror so that we can apply on-the-go.

How many shades? 6

How to apply? For the most natural finish, blend from the apples of your cheeks all the way to your ear.

If you love a glowy look, the beauty light wand is the perfect blend of blush and highlighter in one. It’s more of a liquid than a cream in consistency, meaning it’s easily blendable for that perfect radiant finish.

How many shades? 6

How to apply? Use the cushiony applicator to dab onto the high points of the cheek and blend with a brush or your fingers.

Sheer, dewy and easy to apply, this little pot gives a healthy pop of colour to cheeks. Disguise the effects of sleepless nights with a brighter colour and build gently as you need it.

How many shades? 3

How to apply? Warm between your finger tips before applying and blending with your fingers or a blush.

With a mousse like consistency, the colour blends smoothly onto the skin, without disturbing your foundation. It’s easily buildable, despite being super pigmented and we also love how it looks as a lip tint too!

How many shades? 6

How to apply? Using the applicator, dab a dot onto each cheek and blend with your fingers.

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