5 surprising beauty benefits of being pregnant

by Catriona Watson |
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Pregnancy changes your body in many ways. But contrary to belief, it’s not allswollen ankles and morning sickness. The increase in hormones can positively change the way your body looks.

Check out the 5 surprising beauty benefits of being pregnant...


5 beauty benefits of being pregnant

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​1) Your skin may glow

Time for a glow-up? The sought-after 'pregnancy glow' is real and is a result from an increase in blood volume, oestrogen, and progesterone. These expertly blend together to give your skin a rosier, radiant and all-round fuller appearance. Sounds good to us...

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2) You’ll may have new curves

During the third trimester, it isn’t uncommon to find the ligaments in your hips softening to enable the birth canal to widen in preparation for labour. That means that finding yourself with softer, sexier curves comes as one of the nicer surprises that pregnancy has in store!

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3) Your breasts may increase in size

While some see this as a perk and others a curse, your breasts can double in size during pregnancy. Increases in oestrogen lead to increased breast tissue production, leading to a larger bust.

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4) Your lips may appear fuller

No reason to purse your lips during pregnancy now. The increase in blood volume not only effects your skin, but your lips, too. The hormonal changes you experience lead to a redder, fuller look for your lips.

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5) You may notice an improvement in certain skin conditions

While pregnancy is, unfortunately, often associated with skin breakouts, a little-known side-effect is that unpleasant skin conditions can be cleared-up during pregnancy! Eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions may clear-up or be less active as your body adapts to nurturing your baby.

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