Why Having A Baby Makes You Fall In Love With Your Bloke 10 Times Over

by Alex Davies |
Published on

From seeing his mannerisms in your baby to how cute he is around his friends, it’s time to embrace that loving feeling and get all mushy over your partner…

You thought you loved your partner before, but chances are it feels on a different level now, right?

Ok, forget that you drive each other mad at times and having a baby can be pretty overwhelming. Hopefully, you realise it’s brought you closer than ever.

Get ready for that warm fuzzy feeling…

1. The iconic Athena shirtless-man-with-a-newborn image?

Yes. That.

2. Your baby’s a mini him

From the shape of their eyes to the way they both sleep with their arms above their heads.

Most. Heartwarming. Thing. Ever.

3. He still surprises you

It may be that you just notice the little things more now or he actually pulls it out the bag more often.

But suddenly the Doritos he bought you for a pick-up or the walk he took your baby on so you could nap feels more incredible than ever.

4. That time your baby wee-ed or poo-ed all over him

Humour really is the foundation of a good relationship.

5. He acts like a kid with gadgets and baby products

There’s something super sexy about seeing a man reading instructions and working out how the monitor works or which bit of the cot goes where.

It’s even adorable when he mucks things up.

6. He takes this ‘being a parent’ thing seriously

He probably always did really, but suddenly he has no qualms about rushing home from work to see what your baby’s been up to, showing cute photos to his friends and trying to teach him valuable life lessons.

Y’know, manners, values, the Gangnam Style dance… that sort of thing.

7. You made a little person together

It’s pretty incredible really.

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