Was Your Partner Broodier Than You?

by Alex Davies |
Published on

Men are ready for kids earlier than women, according to a new poll. But we want to know if this rings true for you

There are lots of factors that can influence whether you feel ready to have a baby, and it’s up there with one of the biggest choices you’ll make.

And the magic age for a woman to do this? 25. That’s according to men anyway.

Quite a gap from the average answer of 31 years old that the women in the survey by vouchercloud.com came up with.

Meanwhile, with 1,732 non-parents polled, the guys decided the best age for them to start a family was 29 while the women thought 30 was ideal for their partners.

The guys decided the best age for them to start a family was 29 while the women thought 30 was ideal for their partners

The men also revealed they wouldn’t feel comfortable having a child past 35, while the women said they’d feel happy having children up to the age of 41.

We have to wonder, though – is this a case of biological clocks kicking in earlier for men than women? Or is it just about how the two genders perceive having kids and the impact it would have on their lives?

Was your partner broody before you? Let us know your experience on the comments board below – did your partner want to have a baby before you did?

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