5 Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day Now You’re Parents

by Hannah Fox |
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You can still have a romantic day with your partner now you’re a parent

1. Swap your day

Yes, we know that Valentine’s Day is 14th February, but swapping to the day before or after can make it easier or more convenient and you can still make it romantic and enjoyable. Plus, if you decide to go out for dinner, doing it a day later will mean you’re more likely to bag a bargain, because inflated prices will hopefully have returned to normal.

2. Discover your partner’s love language

‘You know what makes your partner feels loved,’ says relationship counsellor Cat Williams. ‘It could be a gift, a hug, tickets for a show, a love letter or a cup of tea. It’s not always necessary to splash out on expensive gifts or fancy lingerie – especially if you’re on a new parent budget – so if you know that the main thing you each want on Valentine’s Day is a quiet night in with a takeaway, then go for it. Think about the way to show love to your partner and it will make the day more stress-free.’

"swapping to the day before or after can make it easier or more convenient"

3. Plan it…

Ok, so it may take a bit of the romance out of the day if you’ve planned everything down to the last chocolate love-heart, but getting organised will mean it’s less likely to cause a hitch on the day when you realise you’ve forgotten to buy a bottle of fizz right in the middle of giving your baby his tea. If you’re staying in, fill out an online shopping order – complete with plenty of aphrodisiac foods such as asparagus, oysters and chocolate – so that it arrives the day before and don’t have to pop out in the evening.

4. …But manage your expectations

While you can plan your whole evening, it’s important to realise that there’ll be things that won’t always go to plan. ‘Be careful that you don’t set your expectations beyond what’s realistic,’ says Cat. Your partner is unlikely to whisk you away to Paris for a last-minute weekend like he did in your pre-baby days, so don’t expect it. ‘And don’t aim for perfect. It’s about reconnecting with your partner since becoming parents, rather than stressing that he won’t enjoy your attempt at a beef wellington,’ adds Cat.

"It’s about reconnecting with your partner since becoming parents"

5. Make it a family affair

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the love between you and your partner. ‘Now you’re a family, you can use the day to celebrate family love and friendship, too,’ says Cat. ‘This could mean encouraging your pre-schooler to make a card for Grandma or a favourite aunt.’ What’s more, if you get your children involved, when you do put them to bed, they won’t feel left out when they know that mum and dad are having their own Valentine’s celebration.

How do you put the romance back into your relationship now you’re parents? Let us know in the comment box below

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