You’re Broody – But Are You Really Ready For Another Baby?

by Alison Coldridge |
Published on

You might have started feeling that familiar broody tug again – but do you really want to add to your family right now?

Perhaps you’re giving your friend’s newborn cuddles and thinking is “God I REALLY want to take this baby home with me” or maybe you can’t stop gazing longingly at tiny booties in your fave baby shop. Either way, it sounds like you’ve got some serious broodiness going on.

It’s great to feel like you again. And have energy to contemplate having another baby

We asked you on Facebook when you felt it was time to add to your brood and lots of you said that once your baby was past the first year, you were ready to start trying for a second. Some of you even said that you wanted a second baby straight after your first.

And here’s why…

You feel like you again

Whether it’s because you’ve got back in your pre-baby clothes, regained some form of social life or just have more energy (natural, not from endless cups of coffee) than you’ve had in a long time, it’s great to feel like you again. And have energy to contemplate having another baby.

In for a penny…

Maybe you think that you may as well have another baby while you’re still in the baby stage – tears, dirty nappies and sleepless nights. 
Plus, you’ve got loads of nappies, products and good-as-new baby clothes just sat in the nursery ready to be used. (As well as plenty of amaze new ones you’ve just noticed…)

Pregnancy was actually really amazing

Pregnancy wasn’t all that bad, was it? Being waited on hand and foot, having constantly glossy hair and not caring about whether you looked fat because, duh, you were pregnant.

Let’s not think about the morning sickness or actually giving birth…

You’ve got more love to give

You probably didn’t think that you could love a person as much as you love your child. But you can. And you want to love another little person just as much all over again.

Plus your baby’s life so far has been an amazing journey and wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do it all again?

You want your child to have a sibling

Aside from the rivalry and bickering, having a brother or sister is great fun for a child and provides them with a constant playmate. It also teaches your tot how to share, be compassionate and lots of other important life skills. The one you have is sooo cute, of course you want another.

When did you feel ready for another baby? Let us know below.

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