Too Much To Do? 8 Ways to Help You Stop Stressing About Literally Everything

by Alex Davies |
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From your perfume choice to the perfect to-do list, get organised and de-stress with these fresh ideas

When you're a mum it's natural to feel anxious on a regular basis – but just a few small changes can make a big difference when it comes to avoiding that overwhelmed feeling. Try these to feel calmer and happier today.

1. Put pen to paper

Your toddler did something cute. Your partner gave you the last Rolo. That presentation went well.

Write down a couple of things you’re thankful for or that have gone well each week – US research shows it makes us feel more optimistic and content.

2. Streamline your to-do list

Simply having a to-do list isn’t always enough to de-stress – it’s about how you structure it.

‘10 tasks is a good number for leaving you organised but not overwhelmed,’ says LinkedIn’s career expert Nicole Williams. ‘And keep them simple, relevant and separated into priority sections.’

If things like re-doing the bathroom are just projects you want to keep in mind, as opposed to tasks you need to do right now, don’t let them sit on your list stressing you out.

3. Keep breathing

It sounds simple, but if you’re having a panic moment, stop and take a few deep breaths.

It helps to slow your heart rate and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

4. Give yourself perspective

You can’t be a perfect parent 24/7 (who is ever, really?), so ask yourself what’s the worse that’ll happen if you don’t book that appointment until tomorrow or leave your toddler’s swim kit at home.

Think about what you’d say to reassure a friend in the same situation

Think about what you’d say to reassure a friend in the same situation. That she’s doing a great job, right? So remind yourself (out loud if needs be) that you are, too – just look at your child for confirmation of that.

5. Cut back on social media

Turning to Facebook for a rant when you’re stressed may feel therapeutic – but social media can stress us out because we feel under pressure to come across a certain way, found research by an Edinburgh university.

So, have a browse by all means, but perhaps phone a friend if you really want to vent.

6. Get some fresh air

If you’re swamped, take a break and take your baby for a walk around the park or down the road.

Even a little exercise gets your feel-good endorphins going, clears your head and helps you sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic.

7. Stick on a DVD box set

Put on that How I Met Your Mother series you’ve seen a hundred times while you sort your toddler’s nursery bag for the morning.

A study found it helps us deal with stress and feel less pressured because we know what’s going to happen and feel comfortable with the characters.

8. Change your perfume

It’s all about a citrus scent for keeping you calm under pressure, suggests Brazilian research.

So, switch up your fragrance for one from Jo Malone’s grapefruit collection or try The White Company’s orange room diffuser.

What helps you de-stress? Let us know on the comments board below.

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