Three In Four Of Us Find New Parenthood Harder Than Expected

by Alex Davies |
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Many parents put on a brave face in those early months with their baby, according to a new survey

You read the baby books, babysit your BFF’s little one and do all the prep you can during pregnancy, but new parenthood is often still a massive learning curve.

A steeper one than many of us think it’ll be, according to a new study.

More than three in four new mums and dads find the first three months of parenthood harder than they expected.

The biggest challenges? Unsurprising, a lack of sleep came out tops, followed by financial strain, relationship difficulties, getting out of the house and feeling the pressure to know all the answers.

Yet despite this, 90 per cent of the 1,000 parents surveyed by nursery retailer Kiddicare admit they exaggerate how well they’re coping to put on a brave face.

More than three in four new mums and dads find the first three months of parenthood harder than they expected

The poll also discovered that 41 per cent wouldn’t accept or ask for help from family and friends because they don’t want to appear to be struggling – highlighting again that pressure to feel like you have everything covered and under control.

It’s not all about the difficulties, though. Parents also revealed their favourite parts of having a new baby.

Number one is the little things, so the smiles, cuddles and gurgles (aw, definitely!) while others including feeding, baby bath time and making new friends.

What was your biggest challenge of new parenthood? Let us know on the comments board below.

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