The Perfect Mum Experiment

Baby Dove campaign

by Jane McGuire |
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A recent survey by Baby Dove revealed that nine out of ten first-time mums feel the pressure to be perfect, citing the images they see on social media as a leading cause of this pressure. From this, the Perfect Mum Experiment arose. Using Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning technology, Baby Dove gathered thousands of images used in advertising and on social media, to create a unique image from data alone.

Revealing her to the world on Europe’s largest billboard in Waterloo station, Dove raises the question – is this the perfect mum? With 88% of UK mums believing having a healthy, happy baby is more important than looking good or in control, the pressure to live up to this perfect ideal of motherhood is clearly still very real in today’s society.

In reality, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to be a parent, just your way.

Of course, this eerily flawless woman isn’t the perfect mum, and motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes. Baby Dove brand manager Marcus Buck told us: ‘The ‘Perfect Mum’ experiment addresses a real-life issue in society: images of seemingly perfect parenting on social media are denting mum’s confidence to be herself. In reality, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to be a parent, just your way. That’s why it’s important for parents everywhere to trust their instincts and feel confident in their own parenting abilities, rather than worry about how well others seem to be doing it. This reflects Baby Dove’s belief that there are no perfect mums, just real ones.’

Have you gone camera shy?

Another worrying statistic reports that one in four new mothers share fewer photos on social media out of fear of being judged. 31% said they found pictures of other mums looked more attractive and 64% said they themselves felt unattractive.

Although the billboard image might have been taken down, the message remains relevant. Do you feel like you are hiding from the camera? Have the images you see on social media changed your perception of motherhood? Let us know.

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