‘She’s Been Through Such Heartache’: Meet The Mum Who Fought For Her Little Boy

by Alex Davies |
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Hayley Duffety, 34, from Suffolk, is mum to Holly and Eliott, two. She was named Mum In A Million, sponsored by Angelcare, at Mother&Baby's Big Heart Awards after being nominated by her friend Ruth Sandland. Ruth tells us why Hayley inspires her every day...

‘I met Hayley in hospital expecting my first baby. When her twins Holly and Eliott arrived prematurely, she was always calm, positive and at times very funny coping with the situation, even though the outlook was often bleak.

After three months or so in hospital, her babies finally came home, but while Holly developed like other children her age, Hayley could tell that there was something not quite right with Eliott. He was slow to reach the same milestones and would spasm unexpectedly then, at around eight months, he was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

The doctors told Hayley he would never walk or talk, but she refused to believe it. Eliott is now two and Hayley has fought for him every step of the way, whether it’s for the right care, physiotherapy, medication or equipment.

The doctors told Hayley he would never walk or talk, but she refused to believe it

Because of her strength and fighting spirit, Eliott can sit up with support, speak and walk with a frame.

And what makes Hayley even more of a special mum in my eyes is that she has lost babies during pregnancy both before and since having Eliott and Holly. She's been through more heartache, struggles and loss than any mother should ever have to – yet she’s the most amazing mum to her beautiful twins.’

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