Parents Wish They Had More Play Time With Their Kids

by Alison Coldridge |
Published on

Want nothing more than to ditch the ironing to play pirates with your toddler? You're not alone

Half of parents are resolved to have more fun with their children in 2014, finds a survey.

But it's hectic schedules and time pressures – think chores, work, nursery runs et al – that mean it's often not possible to do this as much as we'd like, reveals the poll by baby music class company Jo Jingles.

OK, so we'd all like an extra hour in the day, but until that happens, how can you make the most of that five or 10 minutes you do have?

‘The key is affection, engaging and actually giving your child your dedicated time,' says parenting author and life coach Naomi Richards.

'Play hide and seek, or chase her and pretend to grab hold before "missing" her. Also do jigsaws with only a few pieces, or make animal noises and ask your toddler to match them.'

Best start honing those moo-ing skills then…

What are your favourite baby or toddler games? Share your ideas below.

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