Mums Do Make Christmas Happen, Study Shows

Forget Santa, us mums have got Christmas all wrapped up, according to new research.

From buying the toys and decorating the tree to stuffing the turkey – it seems the list of chores is never ending in the run up to Christmas for mums.  In fact, a study of 2,000 parents found one in 10 dads admitted they only carve the turkey and do minor things whereas mums are responsible for 24 jobs over the Christmas period.

The study shows that men leave the Christmas preparation and organisation to their partners so fathers are getting away with carrying out just five festive things.

Among the jobs mothers take care of in the run up to Christmas were sitting down with the kids to help write their Christmas wish list to Santa , as well as writing and delivering all of the family Christmas cards and presents.

Deciding what to get and then buying the presents for their children, relatives and even their children's friends, wrapping the gifts and delivering them are also tasks left completely to mum.

Mums are also apparently responsible for making sure the school nativity costumes are ready, putting up the Christmas decorations, cleaning the house ready for relatives to visit and preparing the Christmas dinner and drink.

Even on the big day itself, there’s no break for us mums, as there’s the cooking and preparing to do, then a wash and tidy up afterwards.

Meanwhile, Dad simply carves the turkey and keeps everyone's drinks topped up before taking the rubbish outside at the end of the day.

A spokesman for, which commissioned the research, said, 'There are so many things which need to be taken care of even weeks before Christmas day, it's a shame that mums are bearing the brunt.

'And even the jobs which were traditionally left to dad, like buying the batteries and washing up, are now being looked after by mum, on top of everything else she already does.

Six in 10 women said they wish their other half did more to help out around Christmas, with 55 per cent of men admitting they should try to do more.
It also emerged that many men and women look after the same jobs each year, with 41 per cent saying they always leave the same tasks to their partner, while they take care of their own jobs.

Does your partner pull his weight at Christmas?  Let us know in the comment box below…

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