Mum milestone cards exist and we promise they’re a mat leave essential

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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We are all familiar with baby milestonecards to celebrate turning one-month-old, or even "I ate solid foods for the first time", but what about the mums who want to celebrate the little victories the day they become a mother?

Mother and founder of Adulting Cards, Vanessa Boland, has introduced 29 hilariously honest photo cards for mums, so mothers can feel proud about their achievements, whether it's sleeping through the whole night or wearing a normal bra again.


Vanessa said it all came to her as she sat one day with the first hot cup of tea she managed to drink since giving birth.

She was "flicking through some adorable baby milestone cards, and that’s when it hit me - new mums were ticking off milestones all day long!"

"We should be putting mum back into the spotlight and rewarding her for her victories too!"


With such a high number of women suffering from postnatal depression, she wanted to highlight the importance of supporting new mums by showing them that, "it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed, and the things they deem insignificant are actually huge victories they can be really proud of."

"By sharing those with close friends and family, they can be better supported and feel less isolated."


Whether it's the first time they have the time to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot or the day they can say was their first feed in public, mums can now shout it from the rooftops.

Milestone Cards for New Mums, £14.99


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