Introducing Our 6 Favourite Mum Shortcuts

by Alex Davies |
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The handy parenting tricks and timesavers to add to your mum skillset

You read all the parenting books, but there are just some tricks you won’t know until you’re in the mum zone. The shortcuts that save you time, stress and the sort of frazzled look that leaves the man in Costa wondering if he really should serve you that espresso.

And we all have our own repertoire. From keeping your toddler entertained to handling his curiousity, welcome to our shortcut favourites.

1. Go all MI5 with vegetables

Yes, you could explain how those peas and that spinach will help him grow big and strong. Later.

Right now, you could be a bit sneaky and hide them in tubes of penne. Hello, stealth mummy.

2. Answer life’s biggest questions

What happens to the sun when the moon is out? Why is the sea blue, but water isn’t? Why does daddy have hair but that man doesn’t?

Curious toddlers = wishing you’d paid more attention at school.

You tackled the last musing of your little person, so try ‘You know what, your daddy knows all about that’ when you‘re pushed for time (read: have no idea). After all, he was involved in this whole baby making thing, too.

3. Create your own playground

Sure, the park is brilliant – but a cushion hopscotch in the lounge every now and then when you’re a bit exhausted doesn’t make you parent non grata.

If anything, it’s a sign of your creative genius.

4. Be wrapping paper savvy

You know that gorgeous wrapping paper from Oliver Bonas? With the matte finish… an embossed design? That’s not the one to buy for any presents you ever give your toddler.

He doesn’t appreciate your chic taste, but tell you what he does love. Bubble wrap.

Wrapping paper and a new toy (aka 15 minutes breathing space for you) in one mass of popping joy.

5. Get your toddler involved

Giving your toddler a mini broom and including him in your Saturday make-the-house-look-presentable efforts doesn’t make you the mama equivalent of Miss Hannigan in Annie.

In fact, toddlers love and learn through imitation, so copying you can help boost his confidence and development.

6. Become a bag-packing pro

Your handbag may have never deviated from keys, phone, purse and spare hairgrips before having a baby – but chances are it sees a bit more variety (and mysterious stains) now.

Save yourself a morning meltdown by packing whatever parenting paraphernalia you need for the next day before you go to bed. Trust us, it’ll save you time.

We want to hear your mum shortcuts! Let us know on the comments board below.

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