How To Survive The Christmas Sales

by Alison Coldridge |
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The Christmas sales come with mixed emotions – the temptation that you may grab some great bargains is almost outweighed by the madness of the shops. So, we’re here to help you brave it…

Being pushed repeatedly. Having the top you were clutching snatched from your grasp. Soothing your screaming toddler. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

But year after year you probably still can’t resist the Christmas sales and the chance that you’ll come home with bags of goodies at the fraction of the original price. But how to survive it? Keep reading…

The sales are the perfect time to stock up for the coming months. It will save you lots of money in the long run.

Scout out the sales first

Save yourself hours of aimlessly wondering around the shops and chose exactly which sales you want to tackle before leaving the house.
You can be the first to know about sales by signing up to brand’s e-newsletters, but, be warned, you’ll have an inbox filled with emails in no time.

Refuel frequently

Sounds obvious, but don’t forget to stop off for food mid-rummage. Hours can whizz by when shopping and before you know it you’ll be feeling overheated and faint and – worst of all – unable to continue with your spree.

If you’ve got the little ones with you, take snacks and bottles of water to keep them going and make sure you know where the nearest toilet is!

Set yourself a spending limit

It’s very easy to get carried away in the Christmas sales – so many bargains, so little time and all that.

And while it’s tempting to buy both dresses you’ve been after instead of just the one (hey, it’s 70 per cent off so might as well get both), you probably don’t really need both, do you?

Sort a babysitter

Unless you’re one very lucky mum, shopping probably isn’t your tot’s favourite pastime, which is why sorting a babysitter while you hit the Christmas sales can prove sensible.

If you’re heading out on Boxing Day, then perhaps your parents or in-laws can watch your kids for a few hours, or maybe your partner would prefer to look after them than face the shops.

Some bigger department stores and shopping centres do have dedicated crèche areas where you can leave your tot while you shop, but make sure your child is comfortable being left there first.

Think ahead

Will your toddler need a pre-school uniform in the coming months? Or do you need to start thinking about buying the next size up for your baby *sob*? The sales are the perfect time to stock up for the coming months. It will save you lots of money in the long run.

Shop online

If you really can’t stomach the shops themselves, why not shop online instead? Most brands have just as good sales online as in store – and you don’t have to waste hours fighting for a parking space.

What are your top tips for surviving the Christmas sales? Let us know below.

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