Does Life Get In The Way Of Your Family Time?

by Laura Healy |
Published on

Families in Britain spend an average of just 36 minutes quality time together every day, according to new research

Once the commute’s out of the way, dinner’s been cooked and bathtime is scheduled in, do any of us really have enough time to spend together as a family?

It seems just 36 minutes a day ends up dedicated to quality time with our favourite people. In the survey of 2000 Britons, working long or anti-social hours were blamed for getting in the way of family time, as were household chores and frantic evening routines. A massive 55 per cent of families say they have a hectic domestic life in the IKEA survey.

And it’s not that we’re without good intention. Despite plans for weekend outings and events, in one out of four times, these fall through because life gets in the way. Sound familiar?

There are times when we find it easiest to spend time together, though. Christmas day, lazy Sundays and visits to the grandparents were some of the top occasions. As were holidays and story time before bed.

Does this ring true for you? Let us know how you find time to spend together as a family below.

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