Do You Have Maternal OCD? This New TV Show Wants To Help

Maternal OCD

by Samuel Lovett |
Published on

Struggling to cope with Maternal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? The Maternal OCD Project could be your answer

Recent research, conducted by Dr Fiona Challacombe of The Maudsley psychiatric hospital, has revealed that pregnancy can trigger or heighten OCD.

The research has suggested that the stigma associated with the symptoms and a lack of knowledge about OCD is holding mums back from seeking the professional help they need.

Symptoms of Maternal OCD include recurrent thoughts and doubts that cause distress, such as harm coming to the baby. Alongside compulsive rituals, such as cleaning and checking, these symptoms can have numerous impairments on a mother including an inability to bond with the child.

In light of the research, the charity Maternal OCD will be joining forces with Watershed TV to produce a new television that aims to tackle the condition.

With help from leading experts Dr Fiona Challacombe and Dr Paul Salkovskis, the Maternal OCD Project will aim to raise general awareness and demonstrate that with therapy, recovery is possible.

Development Producer, Anna-rosa Coppi, is currently in the process of looking for mums to talk about their experiences and join the project. She says, ‘At this stage, I am trying to find mums that can talk about their condition and the challenges they are faced with on a daily basis.

‘I would like mums to get in touch if they clean and check things compulsively, if they obsessively worry about their children, if they have unwanted thoughts, and if their compulsions to clean or keep their child safe is taking up all their time.’

Suffering in silence? Get in touch with the Maternal OCD charity to seek professional advice and help. Similarly, email Anna-rosa Coppi at if you wish to take part in the TV series.

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