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If you’ve got a toddler clinging to your ankles or anewborn sleeping upstairs we’re pretty sure hitting the gym is neither your priority nor a possibility.

Regular exercise is vital to the health of everyone, parents also. Not only will it support and keep you bodily strong and sturdy, lowering sickness and wounds, but it also shows important benefits for your mental health, especially for stressed out parents.

Best at a glance:

  • The best fitness buy for a full body workout: FK Sports Mini Bike, buy on Amazon

  • The best fitness buy for price: Opti mini fitness trampoline, buy on Argos

  • The best fitness buy for durability: Studio 500kg Swiss Ball u0026 Pump, buy on Mad HQ

But if you’re keen to get back in shape, take inspiration from this gallery of great workout equipment to get you feeling and looking amazing from the comfort of your home. Who knew you could achieve so much, without even leaving the house.

The best fitness buy to monitor heart rate


Ever wondered how many calories you burn doing the housework or pushing the buggy to town? The Withings Steel Smartwatch lets you know your heart rate and the number of calories burnt, so make sure you put it on when you’ve got a busy day ahead or are following a fitness DVD in your living room.

One review said: "I've been using Withing’s products since 2015. I originally bought the Activite Pop before Withing’s was acquired by Nokia and then reacquired by Withing’s again. I went for the Steel HR as it had dropped quite a bit in price since it first came out and was happy with the features in the Pop but was wanting some heart rate tracking for exercise."


  • Steel HR is water-friendly
  • Comes with an Silicon wristband 


  • Only a few left in stock

The best fitness buy for skipping

Gritin Skipping Rope
Price: $16.99

Skipping isn’t just for the playground, but it is a great way – not to mention a cheap way – to burn fat fast. Ten minutes of skipping is also said to have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run, so is the perfect express workout for busy mums. If you’ve got a little skipper on your hands, too, make it into a game and get your little one to join in.

One review said: "The Gritin Skipping Rope has become an indispensable part of my fitness routine, earning a perfect 5/5 rating for its exceptional design, adjustable features, tangle-free performance, and overall contribution to effective workouts. As someone committed to staying active, here's why the Gritin Skipping Rope stands out


  • Skipping rope is made of high tensile steel wire 
  • It's adjustable 3m length design allows you to customize the length to suit your needs,


  • Only comes in one colour - black

The best fitness buy for spinning


A weighted hula hoop is a god-send for the abs (and it's harder than it looks!) Simply rotate your hips to keep the hoop spinning, whilst keeping your core engaged. Choose from 1kg and 1.5kg depending on your goals. What's more, the hula hoop collapses into 8 seperate pieces, meaning storage won't be a problem

One review said: "Absoloutley love this hoop! Fair enough I did bruise for the first week or so, but the bruising slowly faded away. It's so much fun to do and so easy to do as a beginner. Also I love the colours! Highly recommend this hoop."


  • 8 sections that can be quickly assembled 
  • Made from durable plastic 


  • Can only use the product for 2 minutes per day for 1-2 weeks before using it regularly

The best fitness buy for exercising at home

The Google Home Hub isn't just a voice-activated device that will show you any recipe, YouTube video and your calendar at a mere 'hey Google', but is also a perfect way to display your home workouts. It's great for when you can't get to the gym (hi, small children!) and still want to do a full fitness routine from YouTube. Choose from Yoga, stretching routines and even HIT if you fancy a good sweat. We love how small it is, so you can fit it in even the cosiest of flats.


  • Nest Hub helps with your busy home. 
  • control hundreds of compatible smart devices from one central display


  • Quite pricey

The best fitness buy for yoga

If Miranda Kerr can do it, so can we! For the inner yoga bunny in you, invest in this easily packed away and portable mat, so when baby’s down for a nap, you can get on with the downward dog. Not only will yoga at home burn calories, tone muscles and save you money on classes, it also makes sure you get some much-needed zen time.

One review said: "Mat is a good depth, size and weight. Annoyingly the printed pattern is off centre so it can be distracting when trying to position yourself in yoga. Overall a good mat."


  • A conscious yoga mat that’s kind to your practice and the environment. 
  • Made from soft, lightweight and durable TPE fabric.


  • Scrubbing the mat as this could damage it

The best fitness buy for jumping

Unleash your inner big kid and have a jump around on a mini trampoline for the ultimate calorie burn. It’s great for doing indoors on rainy days, and when the sun is shining (don’t hold your breath) you can easily take it into the garden – and it is much less stress on your joints than jogging outdoors.

One review said: "I just love the Opti trampoline, I've cut down on my walking on the beach, because it gets dark very early, so this is enjoyable. i started slowly, but now I love it with my music on, really gets the heart pumping, a great buy."


  • Sturdy and good bounce ability.
  • Stable and quiet to enjoy


  • Maximum user weight 100kg

The best fitness buy for weight lifting

Reebok Wrist Weights
Price: $49.75

For extra oomph when you’re star jumping in the kitchen, strap these handy wrist weights on for super-toned arms. Ideal if your tot is up and running about, as you can still have your hands free. Now you’ve got no excuse…

One review said: "When I first put these on I found them very heavy & clunky, I looked like I'd broken my wrist, but I am now used to them and think they are great, much easier than holding a hand weight."


  • Easily adjustable hook and loop closure 
  • Ideal for adding extra weight to your workout


  • Can get quite sweaty

The best fitness buy for versatile workouts

Believe it or not, the Swiss Ball has many more functions than just sitting on when you need an extra chair at the dinner table. Ideal for core strength, stretching, yoga, Pilates and of course aimlessly bouncing around on, this is a great investment if you’re looking for a versatile home workout item. The Studio Pro Swiss Ball is also super durable, so will be able to stand a few kick-abouts when your toddler spots it.


  • Can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Includes a hi-speed pump


  • Never leave the Swiss Ball near a heat source.

The best fitness buy for scaling body weight

Nokia Body+Composition Wifi Scales
Price: $99.95

The smart scales can calculate your fat, muscle and water percentage, BMI and your weight. It even tells you the morning weather and up to eight people can register themselves per scale - perfect for when your partner wants to join in! The scales are paired with the Health Mate app, meaning it's never been easier to track your progress.

One review said: "This set of scales, paired with the Withings mobile app has done a great job of allowing me to monitor my weight over time, in such a hands off and easy way. It allows me to weigh myself daily after my morning shower, without really having to even think about what the scale is saying, as it seemlessly stores that information within the app, which sync's with Apple Health straight away."


  • Synchronizes with Apple Watch and more than 100 health and fitness apps
  • Allows you to record the digital weight and history of up to 8 users,


  • It does not take your muscle mass into account

The best fitness buy for leg toning


Really work your legs and glutes by adding a resistance band into your workouts. We like this one as it's durable and super versatile - from squats, to deadlifts to glute bridges - prepare to feel the burn!

One review said: "This glute band offers HEAVY resistance for the ultimate glute workout. There's no doubt that it activates your glute muscles, as you start to feel the burn (in all the right places) after a few reps. It's nonslip, so it stays in place unlike some of those annoying bands that twist and slide. If you're new to exercise, this band might be a little too hard to use initially. You may need to start with a lighter resistance band and work your way up to this one. Otherwise, this band is golden!! I should have the glutes of Gods by the time I'm done with this thing!"


  • Comfortable elasticised fabric
  • Colour is unique


  • Reviews say the band may be too small for some

The best fitness buy for beginners

Do a whole body workout with these dumbbells to sculpt your legs, bum, arms, shoulders and back. The anti-roll means you don't have to worry about these rolling away (or your little one trying to give them a push and hurt themselves) giving you peace of mind.

One review said: "These were a tad bigger (and heavier) than I anticipated but there is room to hold with 2 hands if you're after an ab breaker of a twist. I would recommend a thorough warm up before use and cool down otherwise reaching for a top shelf the next day may make you look like a T-Rex with tiny not able to stretch out arms."


  • Anti-roll shape weights
  • 2 pieces in this weight set.


  • Fixed weights - the weights attached to the bars cannot be removed or added to

The best fitness buy for balance

Another great piece of equipment you can use to work the whole body. If 10KG is too heavy it's also available from 4KG to 8KG. This is the perfect Vinyl and ultimate fitness buddy if you want to grow balance and stability.


  • Powder-coated cast iron kettlebells.
  • Perfect for core stability and functional full body workouts.


  • Only 8 colours to choose from

The best fitness buy for mountain climbers

Slider pads are brilliant for adding a whole new dimension to your core workout. Pop them underneath your feet and use them to assist your mountain climbers, or bring both feet into your chest. It may sound easy, but trust us, after a few reps your body will be burning.

One review said: "Another great purchase from my favourite exercise equipment company... slidey side for carpet, non-slidey side for wood floors/tiles etc. Great on their own or good to combine with TRX style suspension straps, very compact and suitable to bring on holiday."


  • Mirafit Core Exercise Sliders
  • Supplied in pairs


  • One reviewer said the logo peels off, and leaves mess all over floors

The best fitness buy for running

Do you love running? But from the comfort of your own home? This will help you feel at ease and provide you with a healthily lifestyle and routine. You won’t have to leave you home for the gym, and it will end up being your perfect treadmill. 

One review said: "I’m 58 and usually go out on my MTB every night, but it’s getting dark early in the UK so I’m not able to do that. I didn’t want an exercise bike so bought this to maintain my exercise regime. I do 30 mins a day, which it recommends you only use it for 30 at a time. I gently walk on speed 3."


  • Foldable
  • Features a water Bottle Holder, Compact Design


  • Only comes in black


The best fitness buy for a full body workout

Don’t fancy converting your conservatory into a gym? A mini bike or foot pedal is great for majorly saving space and being able to burn calories anywhere in the house (or even for a secret workout at your desk.) Peddling away while sitting at the sofa as your little one makes Tree Fu Tom Magic – surely this can’t be good for you? Best. Workout. Ever.

One review said: "Got this to combat my sedentary day and so far it is working well."

Another review said: "Easy to assemble & use whilst watching tv at night or any time of day. Well made, good value."


  • Improves circulation, muscle strength, joint mobility, and coordination
  • The LCD computer display shows essential workout metrics


  • Only a few left in stock

How many times a week should I exercise?

Well, aim to exercise five days per week. To be honest, the number of days you work out may depend on your available time, schedule and fitness level.

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