6 Of The Best Hobbies You Can Still Enjoy With Your Baby

by Alex Davies |
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Whether you’re arty, into music or want to indulge your inner Delia, bring your baby in on the activities you love

Your life as a mum may be pretty different to your one pre-baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the hobbies you’ve always enjoyed.

It’s just about making little tweaks and getting your little one involved. ‘Child friendly’ is the stamp most places want, so there are plenty of options out there.

We’ve narrowed down some of the best – so all you have to do is get stuck in.

1. Baby cinema

And no, this doesn’t mean Dora or Peppa on the big screen. Lots of cinemas hold exclusive mum and baby showings of the latest mainstream films – usually the ones with a rating under 12A – with slightly quieter sound and the lights up so your baby’s happy, too.

There are nappy changing facilities and most are on week day mornings. Check out the Odeon, Empire Cinemas or your nearest venue’s website to find one near you.

2. Child-friendly exhibitions

Forget museums and art galleries being stuffy and super quiet – many encourage kids to get involved with interactive features, specific sessions for children or even family days, so it’s definitely worth checking out your local venue.

Science museums are often especially good for captivating little ones.

3. The family workout

Getting into shape doesn’t necessarily mean pelting it on a treadmill – although lots of gyms do have crèches if you want to do that.

Mum and baby yoga tends to involve positions and exercises for you both, and are a lovely bonding opportunity. If it’s good enough for Giselle…

4. Art-tastic

Check out your local area for art classes that you can do with your baby or toddler.

It depends where you live, but often you’ll find sessions that include you both making something together or on-site childcare while you get a bit messy.

5. Cookery classes

If you consider yourself a regular little Delia and want your little one to get the cooking bug, check out kiddycook.co.uk for its UK-wide Cookie Tots sessions.

Aimed at kids aged two to four years old, they involve you both making easy recipes with music and activities based around preparing food. A good way to start educating your child about healthy eating – as well as make something nice for lunch.

6. Festivals for families

Nearly every music festival has family-friendly elements, so you can still see your favourite bands and enjoy the atmosphere.

Depending on where you go, you’ll generally have the option of quieter camping areas, nappy changing areas and bath time tents, kids’ zones and often a Mr Trolley service – the company hires out pull-along carts so your kids can snooze while you carry them around.

Here’s hoping he can sleep through Jake Bugg, eh?

What hobbies do you still do with your baby? Let us know below.

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