5 Skills Only Motherhood Teaches You

by Alison Coldridge |
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Able to whizz through your weekend emails in half the time? Cook dinner while packing tomorrow’s lunch boxes? Looks like you’re a qualified super mum

Becoming a mum is probably the biggest adjustment that you’ll ever have to make – so naturally it will change you, especially your outlook on life.

And while a few changes aren’t ideal (um, 4am start anyone?), there are so many brilliant skills that you’ll pick up and use without even realising it, making you a better person at home, at work and at relationships.

As soon as you become a mum you officially become a multi-tasking expert

1.  You become a multi-tasking pro

Loading the washing machine while sending an email? Simple for you. After all, you’ve now perfected the art of changing your baby’s nappy while keeping her amused AND instructing your partner on when he needs to pick up your toddler from nursery.

As soon as you become a mum you officially become a multi-tasking expert – making you seem like wonder woman at home and in the office (cue mega brownie points from the boss).

‘You end up with no time and so you surprise yourself with how much you can do in one go,’ says Dr Sandra Wheatley, psychology consultant.

2. You realise how precious your time is

Your own time becomes limited and you learn to prioritise. You can’t do everything you used to, so you do what you can – and what you really want to do. It’s a great way of learning what’s really important to you and which relationships are the ones worth pursuing.

You’ll also become more realistic. ‘You realise what you can achieve and that there’s only so much that you can do,’ Sandra explains.  ‘You’re just one person after all.’

You can’t do everything you used to, so you do what you can – and what you really want to do

3.  Negotiation becomes second nature to you

Children are experts at wheedling promises out of you numerous times a day. So, as a mum you become a pro at negotiating. A request of five bedtime stories becomes two and a quick lullaby in no time. 

And this negotiating isn’t just limited to your kids. ‘You’ll find yourself negotiating with your parents and your partner over discipline, work hours and childcare,’ says Sandra. ‘Quickly, you’ll end up with a whole set of different relationships.’

4. You become a brilliant team player

As a mum, you play the role of referee, team leader and observer on a daily basis. You know when it’s time to speak up, when someone needs your help and when to let the dust settle. You become the best team player there is.

‘When you have children you learn how to work in a bigger team which is something that you learn from home,’ says Sandra. ‘At home, your family is your team.’

And because you’re constantly putting someone else first at home, you’ll find you do this at work and within aspects of your social life.

5. You appreciate what others do for you

Kids are great at surprising their parents with loving gestures – a sloppy kiss and cuddle from your tot can take all of your problems away in one fell swoop.

But other adults can also be loving/helpful, too, and now you’re a mum you’ll notice this more often and appreciate it. ‘You’ll find you give and take and share and care more,’ says Sandra. ‘You’ll help others and they’ll help in return.’ Ideal for when you need a babysitter…

How has motherhood changed you? Let us know below.

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