5 Fitness Trends That Totally Work For Mums

If trying out the latest fitness fads is the last thing on your to-do list, then fit in some of these trends to stay active

When you’re sleep-deprived and learning the new-mum ropes, the last thing you might feel like doing is leaving your baby and heading to the gym. So forget the pricey membership and get active with these mum-friendly fitness trends.


If you want to start getting your pre-baby body back, then start walking or jogging with your buggy.  ‘About six weeks after your baby is born, and if you feel up to it, pram walking is a fantastic workout,’ says celebrity trainer Lee Mullins from Bodyism.


Your pram might be your main set of wheels these days, but swapping to a bike can get you fit without booking a babysitter.  ‘Cycling is excellent cardiovascular exercise, burning 200 calories an hour and toning your lower half,’ says postnatal fitness expert Jane Wake.  ‘If you cycle every day – taking your child to nursery, for example – it will make a big difference to your overall fitness.’


Walking and talking – sounds easy right?  Instead of those coffee shop confessions with the other mums, go for a walk with your friends.  ‘Walking is one of the best ways new mums can get fit,’ says fitness expert Joanna Hall. ‘You can do it every day, plus it’s low-impact and easy on your joints.’


After reaching for the remote, also use sofa time to do a few stretches or short but high intensity bursts of exercise.  ‘Fitness snacking, as I like to call it, is fantastic for raising your metabolism and burning calories,’ says celebrity trainer Matt Roberts. ‘It’s also for perfect for busy mums who don’t have much time. You can do fitness circuits round your house while baby naps, such as press ups and squats.’


If you don’t fancy queuing for the treadmill or going to a crowded class then bring the gym to you ­in the comfort of your own home.  Whether it’s a Davina McCall fitness DVD, jumping on a mini trampoline, or using your birthing ball to build on your core strength, fit in your own exercise routines at home.

How do you find time to fit in your exercise routine now you’re a mum?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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