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Mabel’s Mummies is a brand new subscription box service with a difference. It was born out of a realisation that the most important resources a new mummy can have are other mummies to share the highs and lows of motherhood with and that no one is harder on us than ourselves!

Even the easiest of maternal experiences very often leave us a bit isolated at first. Unless you already have close friends with babies of the same age, it can be a bit daunting suddenly having to make a whole new set of friends in adult life!

That's what Mabel's Mummies Match-Ups aims to provide. With a one-off charge of £10 and some honest answers to a questionnaire, you can find a mummy BFF in your area, with similar interests and even a similar pregnancy journey.

Whether you are a new mum or an experienced mum, the aim is that mums will connect with a carefully matched new friend for either meet-ups or just swapping honest experiences with, so you can find that one mum you can admit your worries, feelings and triumphs to.  Or just eat massive amounts of cake with!

DISCLAIMER: Mabel’s Mummies is purely an introductory service.  We will match you to a mummy we feel is compatible for you.  We accept no responsibility for communication between matched mummies or the amount of weight you gain eating the aforementioned cake together.

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Price: £25 to £27 per month

The Match-Ups are part of the Mabel’s Mummies subscription box, providing a monthly box containing purposeful treats for you and baby. The ‘mummy match-up’ service is optional, to put you in touch with your own mum-squad.
50 pence from each box sold is donated to PANDAS maternal mental health charity.

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