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Using the latest UV LED technology, Vital Baby's advanced pro UV steriliser kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 7 minutes. Sterilise what, we hear you ask? Just about anything that will fit. The advanced pro UV is efficient and versatile and, as there’s no need for water, chemicals or heat, is suitable for use with a wide range of items – from bottles, teats, soothers, toys and breast pumps to small accessories, mobile phones, keys, cosmetic brushes and more.


Cubo Ai is a beautifully designed award-winning baby monitor with proactive A.I. alerts for little one's sleep, safety, and memories. It's appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers. Cubo Ai was created with proprietary technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations in real-time such as covered face events so that parents can step in when their babies need them most.


Any parents looking for an easy way to get little one in and out of the car need to pay attention to the Maxi-Cosi Coral 360. As well as boasting features like the modular design and detachable soft carrier that weighs only 1.7kg, the Coral 360 also offers 180-degree rotation on the FamilyFix 360 base that's so easy, it can be swivelled from rearward-facing using only one hand.


wavy, curly or coily hair. Formulated with naturally derived coconut cleansing agents to help clean and detangle hair, leaving curls tangle-free, frizz-free and super-soft to touch.

Splash About has designed the most reliable, reusable baby swim nappy, the New Happy Nappy. Fully-tested and approved by UK swim-schools it offers maximum protection against faecal leaks due to its distinctive ergonomic design.

Lansinoh's Cold and Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad relieves pain and discomfort after childbirth. When used cold, it provides cooling pain relief from perineal, haemorrhoidal and c-section discomfort.

Chicco's Next2Me Forever is the first evolutionary 3-in-1 crib that can be used from birth to four years, offering extended side sleeping.

The Motherhood Starter Kit is the perfect gift for any mum-to-be! The number one goal with the Kit is to equip mums with enough information and products to help them feel empowered and knowledgeable enough to advocate for the pregnancy and birth experience that they deserve.

The mi-playmat is a reversible extra-thick hygienic interlocking foam playmat with the unique and innovative ability to reduce the growth of germs on the surface by up to 99.9 per cent over a 24-hour period.

The clever sleep trainer clock shows your little one when it's time to stay in bed and when they can come and wake you by using simple colours and symbols. Simple to understand even when they're too young to be able to tell the time.

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