Best Teething Product

Best Teething Product

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The Bibbilyboo waterproof bibs create a complete barrier to moisture, preventing wet clothes and keeping your baby dry all day due to a highly absorbent core. Made from breathable fabrics and shaped at the neckline to prevent irritation of the skin or bunching over the face, they relieve teething traumas.

Baby teething troubles? Meet Kalani, our sensory teething toy, specially designed to soothe your little one’s sensitive teeth and gums through all stages of teething.

Matchstick Monkey's Ludo Lions Teethers are fun, flexible and the textured bumps are getting to the source of pain quickly. The Flat Lion Teethers are small, lightweight, and great for tiny hands - ideal to keep in your bag when you are on the go.

These innovative monkey teethers are ergonomically designed to reach right to the source of the teething pain with bumps on the back of the head. Teething trouble is a thing of the past with this range and these are the perfect companion for your little one to provide comfort.

Made out of 100% natural rubber, Mizzie The Kangaroo baby teething toy is designed for infants' sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating babies' sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing.

The Sophie la Girafe® teether Once Upon a Time gift box is designed to stimulate the senses and soothe your little one's gums. This is not only the first toy to stimulate each of the five senses, but it is also made from 100 percent natural rubber from the Hevea tree, meaning she is a safe and natural teething toy.

Perfect for teething tots there's a mixture of textures including bumps & ridges that'll give the relief they'll need and they'll also encourage those all-important motor skills, which helps the development of their cute little lips, tongue, jaw and hard and soft palates.

Nibbling's pink and grey beech wood baby toy is perfect for tiny creatives. Crafted from hardwearing food-grade silicone, it has both natural and untreated wood details for variation.

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