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The Callowesse Freedom Stair Gate is the ONLY Gate to feature a magnetic locking system. As soon as the magnet in the handle comes into contact with the magnet in the frame, it will automatically lock into place, giving you extra peace of mind when you need it most.


Check your little one is resting at the correct temperature with our innovative colour changing system and handy temperature display. An easy digital temperature display and colour coded temperature range allows you to easily tell when it's time to adjust baby's clothing. Adjustable brightness means the Groegg2 can be used as a nightlight at a light level that suits your baby.


The All Stars DUO is one of the UK's best selling playpens and has a great pedigree with it's multiple awards during it's time on the market. However as with any Venture products we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make our products even better value and better quality.

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