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best baby toys

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Oh-so-soft and comforting, Snuggle Me Penguin Tummy Time Gym is a safe and soothing play space for baby. Penguin's flippers gently cover baby's belly while the soft contemporary colour palette and cosy nest design of the mat promote a sense of warmth and security.


Tying into the ever-increasing trend of healthy eating, Bea the Banana is part of Lamaze's latest launch - My First Garden collection. Encouraging fine motor skills, tactile development and problem solving.


sensory mat 4SMART with 4 sensory zones supporting the development of the child intended for children from the first months of life. During the first months of their life, children notice only contrasting colours.


Expertly designed for newborns, ewan Deluxe is here to help by working his magic at sleep times! This uber cute cuddly toy mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing heartbeat sounds, including the rhythmic shush of a real human voice, proven to help lull babies into a peaceful sleep.

The Boho Chic Developmental Luxe Gymini is part of the new Boho Chic collection from Tiny Love, specifically designed by experts to promote babies' cognitive, emotional and physical growth.

Babies will be delighted by this fascinating peek-a-boo box where they can hide and pull out an assortment of sensory delights. Complete with 8 colourful organza squares and two crinkle blankies with fluffy textures, the Taf Toys Tissue Wonder Box is ideal for babies who are starting to sit up, to aid them in developing their motor skills and understanding.

Little fingers can't resist the beautiful buttons of Fat Brain Toys' Dimpl. Built safely into the sturdy ABS plastic frame are five vibrant silicone bubbles in varying sizes and colours. It's so simple yet satisfying.

The Playgro Toy Box Dingly Dangly Clip Clop toy provides hours of fun for baby. Soft and safe, this popular baby toy features a squeaker and rattle feet to stimulate baby's hearing.Sensory PlayClip Clop has colourful rattle beads in his hooves, encouraging baby to reach, bat and grasp.

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