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Sometimes getting pregnant and trying to conceive isn't a smooth process. Whether you have fertility issues, have experienced a miscarriage or baby loss, or decide to try other journeys to parenthood such asIVF or surrogacy, it can be tough on your mental health.

Here Juliette Ward, midwife at pregnancy charity Tommy’s shares her advice on supporting your mental wellbeing through the trying to conceive process.

If you have decided you are ready to start a family then sometimes the challenges of navigating the journey to pregnancy can be a surprise. For some people becoming pregnant is something that happens quickly and easily, but for others the journey can take more time and be more difficult. Finding ways to support your mental health while you are trying to conceive, particularly if you are exploring or undergoing fertility treatment, is really important.

There are some things we know can support your emotional health as you try to conceive including being active and taking regular exercise, eating well and finding ways to regularly relax.

It’s really important that you are able to be honest about how you are feeling and having someone you really trust who you can talk openly with can really help. For you this may be your partner but it could also be a close friend or family member.

If you feel you are struggling with your mental health or emotional well-being always ask for help – talking to your GP is a good first place to start.

It may be that you can find others who are navigating a similar journey to you – perhaps in an online support group – and being part of conversations with people who really understand (even if you feel you can only listen) can help you feel less isolated.

Having a support network of people close to you who you trust and can talk to before you become pregnant will be very helpful during pregnancy and afterwards when you have a small baby to look after. It will also help you keep your stress levels down.

One of the things that can help as you try to conceive is to make a plan! On the Tommy’s website you can find our online Wellbeing plan which is a really helpful tool that helps you start thinking about how you are feeling and what support you might need now or in your pregnancy. You can then use the plan to help you talk to your partner, family and friends or your GP if it raises anything that you feel you need extra support with.

Above all be kind to yourself – the journey to pregnancy is not always easy or straightforward and looking after yourself with care and compassion can really help.

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