Keep Your Man’s Confidence Up When You’re Trying To Conceive (TTC)

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If fertility problems or just the process of trying to conceive (TTC) has dented your partner’s confidence, keep his pecker up by showing him just how much you care

Trying to conceive can be a long road and chances are it’ll affect both you and your partner emotionally. But don’t assume that means he’s feeling the same way as you.

Ok, so we’re going to play the primal back-to-basics card here, but when something isn’t clicking physically and his abilities are being challenged in this way, it can be a real confidence knock. Like he’s lost his mojo or purpose (Yes, we know it seems archaic, but he will feel this way).

If your partner is feeling low, you can start lifting him up again…

Show him you still want him

Be affectionate with him, even on the days you're not ovulating.

‘Keeping a relationship fresh requires constant nurturing, so enjoy intimacy even when you’re not trying to make a baby,’ says bestselling author and relationship expert Matthew Hussey.

Be tactile, even when you’re pottering around the house together, and enjoy eye contact – research shows it’s great at boosting your relationship bond.

Skip the sympathy

While a sympathetic ear may be ideal when you’re worried about something, it isn’t always the best option for him.

‘Your greatest power as a woman is your ability to make him feel desired,’ says Matthew. ‘So, rather than giving him sympathy, which will only make him pity himself more, aim to make him feel sexy and loved.’ Go out on a date or even dig out some old photos to have a laugh over together and give him a boost.

Tell him why you need him

If his mojo feels under threat, let him know the different ways you value him.

‘Boost his feelings of masculinity in other parts of his life,’ says Matthew. ‘Tell him how much you love and need him for qualities such as his strength, support and his resolve.’ Whether that’s giving him a hug and thanking him for being there for you, or even just letting him know how delicious that meal he made was – every little helps.

Quit the baby chat

Want to share what you’re going through with friends or family? Fair enough, but consider potential limits.

‘For some women, discussing fertility issues helps to ease stress, but for many men, the topic is uncomfortable and embarrassing,’ says Matthew. ‘Make sure you know where each other stands before you let other people know what you're going through.’ So, perhaps steer clear of the topic with his family or friends he’s close to as well.

How do you help boost your man's confidence? Share your tips in the comments box below.

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