What does it mean if I dream about being pregnant?

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We've all experienced those common dreams. You know the ones - dreams about falling, your teeth falling out or being chased. It's unlikely you think much about them after they've occurred, however, if you dream about being pregnant, it can feel a bit more startling.

If you've recently found yourself in that position, we're here to help unpack what your dream could mean.

What does it mean if I dream about being pregnant?

While it may sound like a film plot straight out of Hollywood, having a dream about being pregnant doesn't mean you actually are having a baby, although we appreciate that you might want to do a pregnancy test to be sure.

That said, if you are currently pregnant or even trying to conceive, it's likely that you've got babies on the brain, which as a result, has trickled into your dreams. Makes sense, right?

Instead, if you dream about being pregnant (and are definitely not with child), it can actually be a little deeper than you might expect and refer to something new growing in your life, just like a baby would grow inside you if you were pregnant.

Now this development will obviously be personal to you but could refer to numerous things. It might be as big as a new job you've just accepted, moving in with a partner or even smaller milestones like developing a new passion. The key point is that just like a new foetus in its mother's belly, you're developing.

It's also worth paying attention to how you were feeling in your pregnancy dream. Were you happy? Sad? Scared? This could indicate how you are feeling about this new change in your life.

Why is it common to dream about being pregnant?

Certain dreams are always going to be common, simply because what they represent is usually pretty common too. For example, the experience of flying could be seen as an expression of joy and ultimate freedom, and these types of dreams often show up when you have mastered a situation or risen above something. Or if you're having a dream about being chased, this often shows us we’re living in denial and there’s a fear we haven’t faced. Ultimately, it all comes down to your subconscious and what is happening in your life at the time.

According to dream experts, dreaming that you're taking a pregnancy test indicates that you are being tested in some way. Like taking on a new responsibility, venture or even just an idea. The 'result' of the pregnancy test may be a way of whether you believe this is a 'positive' or 'negative' thing for you.

If you're dreaming about giving birth, this can signify new beginnings. Or if you are pregnant, your clever brain is focusing on the challenge ahead, helping you to mentally prepare.

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