Cancel everything: December 11 is national conception day (or Nookie Friday!)

Cancel everything: December 11 is national conception day (or Nookie Friday!)

by Sarah Drew Jones |
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Hoping for a new baby in 2016? Then light the candles and crack open the bubbly because today is the day to get busy in the bedroom.

Friday December 11 has been named as the most fertile day of the year, so if you’re planning a new bundle of joy here’s your best chance.

According to the Office for National Statistics, more babies will be conceived today than on any other day this year.

A whopping 9 per cent of babies are born each September, and records show that September 16 is the most popular birthday in the UK. Working backwards by 40 weeks - the average gestation period for a baby – makes December 11 the magic day.


So what makes December the most popular time to conceive? Experts say that the weather plays a big part. Firstly, the winter chill improves sperm quality, boosting fertility.

Secondly, cold, rainy days and long, dark nights mean couples spend more quality time at home having sex: hello early bedtimes and lazy weekend lie-ins.

Social lives get a welcome bump (ho, ho, ho) with party season

Social lives get a welcome bump (ho, ho, ho) with party season. Whether it’s the office do, a black-tie ball or just mulled wine after the school Nativity, there’s a better chance that you’ll feel up for a little romance.

But unsurprisingly, it’s Christmas that makes this month the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to baby-making.

Thanks to weepy ads on the telly and carols on the radio, we’re feeling festive, loving and much more in the mood than usual.


‘Every couple is different but generally speaking most people find this an especially cosy time of year,’ explains therapist Eve Menezes Cunningham ( ‘Even decorating our homes for the holidays makes everything look twinkly and seem romantic.’

It’s the feelgood factor at work… and that’s what leads us to see only the best in our partners and turn our thoughts to the family’s future, and the possibility of a new addition.

‘Other people's babies and toddlers (even the naughty ones in the school play) seem especially cute at Christmas,’ says Eve. ‘The act of choosing gifts for each other can make us feel more loving and forgiving of little everyday irritations.


‘Christmas is a time of peace, love, joy and hope. It’s little wonder that December is the most common time of the year to conceive.’

It may not all be spur-of-the-moment love and joy, though. Super-organised parents-to-be target December 11 as the best time for one simple reason: they want a September baby, so Junior will have a headstart as one of the eldest in their class.

Whether it’s diarised or destiny, enjoy making the most of National Conception Day. Fingers crossed!

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