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Any journey with children feels like a test of your organisation skills, not to mention your patience and tolerance. The most stressful of these journeys can be the school run.

Getting your little ones washed, fed, dressed, along with bags and lunchboxes packed, buckled in the car seats and to the school gate on time, without forgetting something vital or losing your sanity completely, seems an impossible task.

As parents we also have to think about reassuring any first day nerves, and once the kiddies are in full swing, there's being told about surprise projects and the summer holidays/half terms can feel like a very long time ago indeed.

We’ve teamed up with SKODA KAMIQ to find out why it makes a great ally for chaotic school drop offs, and to share our top tips for surviving the school run.


Preparation is key. Get as much as you can ready the night before – uniforms, bags packed and lined up in the hallway, packed lunches and snacks ready in the fridge etc. This way the morning of the school run you’ll have less to worry about.

Get the car seats loaded into the car the night before too, so all you have to worry about is buckling in – the generous rear seat room in the SKODA KAMIQ is a big help for this, so you won’t feel crushed while trying to lock in the ISOFIX or fit that five-point harness over a wriggling toddler. Plus, with the smooth drive, lane assist and rear view camera, if you do end up rushing at least the SKODA KAMIQ has your back.

Packing the car

Loading the car up for the school run can feel like a military operation, or like you’re losing at a game of Tetris or Jenga.

The last thing you want is to be battling between fitting your pushchair into the boot with a screaming baby and first-day-of-schooler ‘patiently’ waiting in the car. Fortunately the SKODA KAMIQ boasts a mega 400 litres of boot space (the average SUV has 200-300 litres) so this will be a struggle of the past.

Writing yourself a checklist of your school run essentials may help you keep track. Don’t forget the all-important morning coffee, which you probably haven’t had time to drink yet. Practical folding tables with drink holders are integrated options to the front seat backrests within the SKODA KAMIQ range, so your little passengers can also have their car journey essentials to hand.


KAMIQ entertainment

Whether your child’s school is ten minutes down the road or thirty, we all know the minute you pull out of your driveway they’ll be asking “are we there yet?” SKODA KAMIQ’s Bluetooth connection and infotainment system ensures you can have their favourite tunes or audiobook ready to play.

A virtual cockpit will truly make you feel in full control of the school run. The touchscreen system also offers convenient gesture control to make navigating menus and lists easier and safer while on the move.

You can customise your digital display and even choose your own ambient LED lighting, to make your car a zen oasis (if not before you’ve dropped off the kids, then at least afterwards).


Parking spots come at a premium at the school drop off (and indeed when it comes to pick up time), you sometimes have to be quick to nab a spot. You might think that SUVs are at a disadvantage, however the SKODA KAMIQ offers big car confidence with small car agility, so you can reap the benefits of a safe and solid SUV without compromising on manoeuvrability, making it nimble and easy to park.

Thanks to the KAMIQ’s smart assistance systems you’ll also be able to check the best places to park, shortcuts to take and routes to avoid – so you won’t get caught out by roadworks or road closures.



The SKODA KAMIQ ensures you can take your kids to school run in style with enough space to get everyone and all bags, car seats, pushchairs and essentials inside.

The higher chassis and rugged appearance of an SUV is combined with the elegance of a crossover, for both practicality and comfort. The dynamic front design immediately demands attention, with rear-tinted windows so your VIP passengers will feel like royalty.

Also no one will notice you’re still wearing your slippers when they’re too busy checking out your KAMIQ.

Savvy spending ­­

What with new school uniforms, lunchboxes, stationery, backpacks, PE kits and school trips, not to mention whatever must-have toy trend they’ll discover on their first day, the start of a school term can be a pricey time of the year for parents. At least when your car has low MPG (the KAMIQ is 44-52) you know you’re saving on your fuel costs.

The SKODA KAMIQ range offers four models – the SE, SE L Executive, SE Drive and Monte Carlo.

The SE comes with a generous standard equipment bundle including all the features listed above, complete with a great price. With the SE Drive you get increased driver assist systems, the SE L Executive offers increased connectivity and a host of comfort-enhancing features, and the Monte Carlo provides a step up in sportiness and design, along with the very latest technology inside and out.

Price points for the four models vary from £21,305 for the SE to £25,330 for the Monte Carlo.

For more information visit specifications may vary.

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