Space Saving Family Holiday Packing Tips (And Yes, You Can Still Take All Your Shoes)

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When you’re a parent, packing for holiday becomes a full blown mission. You’re no longer packing for one, you’re packing for your child, too (who needs lots of stuff for a small person!). So here’s how to make sure you take everything you need – and ditch the things you could do without.

Invest in genius gadgets

From an inflatable car seat to a car seat that turns into a pushchair in 10 seconds, there are lots of incredible parenting gadgets on the market that could make your holiday packing a little more compact.

Plan your style

OK, so it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but if you plan each and every outfit you won’t pack any unnecessary clothes. If you’re travelling somewhere hot, go for lots of dresses that will take up very little space in the suitcase or light shorts and T-shirts.

Take travel wash

Yep, travel wash can be your new best friend. It means you can take less of everything and just wash clothes every so often in the sink.

Dr. Beckmann's non-bio travel wash is soft and gentle to use

Use your shoe space

Shoes (even baby ones) take up a fair amount of space, so use them to store small items in such as rolled up underwear or socks in plastic bags.

Be a list geek

A good to-do list will help you keep note of what you need to get ready for your trip. And it’s sooo satisfying to check everything off once it’s packed and sorted.

Share or do double duty

If you can bear it, leave your go-to toiletries at home and share your kids' instead. Baby lotion doubles up as a fantastic (and gentle!) make up remover and moisturiser, and wipes are brilliant for just about everything.  Plus when it comes to your legs, hair conditioner makes for a brilliant shaving balm too…

Roll, roll, roll!

Forget folding everything neatly to avoid creases – roll it all instead. It saves space and makes sure nothing is too wrinkled.

Vacuum pack

If your case is simply refusing to close, invest in some vacuum travel roll bags. And you don’t even need a Hoover. You simply fill the bags, zip them shut, roll out the air and pack.  

Do you have any other brilliant space saving packing ideas? Share them in the comments box below.

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