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CBeebies land hotel

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If you have a little one who is Tree Fu Tom crazy, Octonaut's mad, or just love everything CBeebies, then they are sure to revel in every bit of the CBeebies land hotel, loaded at the toddler theme park.

The fun is never ending, and everywhere you look the magic of all the cbeebies stories and characters has truly been brought to life. The hotel lobby is an array of colour and quirky features, all set to inspire and excite little minds. There is a choice of themed rooms, so you can opt to stay in your child’s favourite characters’ fantasy land, which will excite your little one beyond their imagination!

Rooms are very well designed with a separate sleeping area for children. Travel cots are available in every room, and children’s steps are provided in the bathrooms. There is also a fridge for baby’s milk and any snacks you may want to take along with you.

The hotel's entertainment is full of fun, from discos to storytelling and star gazing.

The hotel's entertainment is full of fun, from discos to storytelling and star gazing. There is the chance to meet various CBeebies characters, which truly completes the fantasy land that is the CBeebies land hotel.

The Windmill restaurant serves a good choice of healthy food, which is reasonably priced and there is a salad bar to accompany your meal. Portion sizes to suit both adults and children are available on every option on the menu.

Breakfast is an array of hot and cold food to choose from. There is plenty available to suit every age, from babies to adults and highchairs are readily available. Unlimited fresh fruit is also readily available in abundance.

CBeebies land hotel

Hotel guests also get entrance to the park an hour before it opens to the public. This is a great opportunity to let your children surround themselves within CBeebies land at a relaxed pace. Rides are all themed, and you are able to accompany your children on the rides, and there are plenty of spots to leave your buggy while you wait.

The new CBeebies hotel is set to capture the imagination of your little one’s love for all things CBeebies. If you want to surround them in a land where their favourite characters truly come to life this is the place to go. Both you and your children will love every minute and create memories full of fun and laughter to last a lifetime.

Top 5 things to see and do at Cbeebies land Hotel and park:

  1. Meet and greet with your little one’s favourite character is certainly not to be missed. Watch their little faces light up as they see meet their heroes for real! A great photo opportunity.

  2. Star gazing before bedtime is a lovely way to end the evening. A calm, relaxed environment will settle them down before heading up to bed.

  3. Big fun Showtime is a fantastic area for your picnic in cbeebies land. There are live shows with an undercover area, providing shade for children. An ideal place to stop for a snack, drink or simply to revel in all the entertainment on offer!

  4. In the night garden boat ride is a lovely attraction for all the family. Babies are able to ride with parents and siblings, providing fun for all.

  5. Tree Fu Tom training Camp is a great play area for youngsters. There are plenty of obstacles for them to play on and tables for parents to sit and watch their little one’s play. The fun never ends!

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