Kids go FREE to Alton Towers and CBeebies Land this October!

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Planning a trip to Alton Towers or CBeebies Land this October half term? We’ve got some good news for you! If you stay at any of the selected Alton Towers hotels this October, your kids will go into the park absolutely free!

Yes, this includes the CBeebies Land Hotel, specially designed with your tots in mind and full of their favourite characters. The Alton Towers Hotel, fully-themed with a number of different entertaining rooms, the Splash Landings hotel plus plenty of other partner hotels.

In order to take advantage of this deal, you’ll need to book a room in one of the hotels before October 15th. You’ll also receive your second day free into the theme park, plus breakfast as part of the deal.

The deal also includes Scarefest for your older kids, where you can take advantage of the live shows, a House of Monsters maze and a scare zone!

Find out more about the deal, book your tickets and read all of the terms and conditions here.

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Peppa pig world

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Get there early

The park opens from 10am most days, so get there early to avoid the queues. Here's all you need to know about the park and ride opening timesand special november/Christmas Opening times too.

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Measure her height before you go

If she’s under 1m with shoes on, she’ll get free entry to the park – so if she’s close to the limit, choose footwear wisely or that pair of Crocs might cost you dear! The only ride in Peppa Pig World with a height restriction is George’s Dinosaur Adventure: your child must be a minimum of 85cm to go on the ride with you. If she’s 110cm or more, she’ll have to ride in the adult seat alone. If you’ve worked this out from the get go, it will save you all sorts of ‘is mummy coming too’ tears, trust us!

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Pack a swimming costume and towel

This is a must-have so your little one can get as wet as she wants in the Muddy Puddles Water Splash Park! A pair of socks wouldn’t go amiss either for George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone.

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Make your first stop the First Aid Centre

Pick up a lost child sticker from the first aid centre in Show Street. Write your phone number on it and stick it surreptitiously on your child for your own peace of mind.

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Head straight to Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter ride

Especially if you arrive early. This one is popular, with the slowest queue, so head there as soon as you arrive to avoid disappointment. We recommend keeping yourself busy in the queue so little ones don’t act up. Get your chores done, like applying suncream, or practise your pig snorts while you wait!

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Check when Peppa and George are appearing

Times are posted on a board on Madame Gazelle’s School House. Plan snacktime for 15 minutes before, so you can get there early for a good view, and refuel while waiting.

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Give her an early or late nap

Nap planning earlier or later in the day means you can take advantage of quieter rides in the lull when most toddlers are nodding off. Peppa Pig World is part of a much larger theme park, Paulton’s Family Theme Park, which has lovely gardens for a sleep-inducing walk. Entry to one park includes the other, so no extra cost to worry about.

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Take a picnic

There are lots of shady trees to relax under in the Main Garden or head to the African Themed Garden for a mostly enclosed are with picnic tables.

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Find lots of other toddler entertainment

Paulton’s Park is great fun too when Peppa Pig World get a bit too busy. Pop next door to find big-kid rollercoasters, REAL flamingos and penguins as well as an enclosed area with a bouncy castle and floor-height trampolines. There are also sandy play areas at Little Explorer’s Adventure Play Park and Tiny Tots Town. Don’t miss the mini-rides, Seal Falls and Digger Ride, or finding the enormous dinosaur models in the Lost Kingdom. Keep an eye out for all the little coin-operated rides set to free play.

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Relax if you’ve not long potty trained

There are lots of loos with toddler seats, and the baby-changing and feeding facilities are great.

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Buy a tube of Peppa Pig Toothpaste

You can purchase this in the gift shop before you leave (£1.99 for 75ml). It may make cleaning those new teeth a battle-free zone for the next month if Peppa Pig has anything to do with it!

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