It’s official: Bristol is the best place to bring up a child!

by Sarah Wirth |
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Bristolians have all the reason to be smug right now, as Bristol has been crowned the best place in the UK for a child to grow up, based on activities to do there.

With innovative activities and quirky trends, such as parkour and toddler raves, kids in Bristol have at least three times more activities to choose from than any other city with on average 46 events per 1000 children.

In second and third place were Liverpool and Glasgow with Manchester coming last in the poll.

The data was released by Hoop who based the information on 158,883 events happening all over the nation and the 8.7 million searches for events for children 0-11.

The city offers a broad range of activities suitable from adrenaline junkies, education lovers, computer whiz kids and kids who just want to put on their dancing shoes! These different activities have doubled and even trebled in the past year.

Here is a list of 6 of the best activities for you and your little ones in Bristol:


It’s Official: Bristol is the best place to bring up a child.

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1) Toddler Rave, Lakota

Big Fish Little Fish Events has been up and running since 2013. The company organise family raves for you and your little ones to dance the night away. The company do events all over the Uk including one of Bristol’s most well know night clubs Lakota. The company provide glitter canons, DJs, a giant colouring mural, a Play-doh table and loads more activities for you and your children.

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2) Parkour, Freedog

Freedog is a trampoline park in Bristol which allows kids to bounce all over the place in a safe environment. Freedog have bounce sessions for people of all ages. Their toddler bounce session is 10am on weekdays, 9am on weekends and an exclusive two hour bounce every Friday at 10am. Their family bounce sessions is open at 10am on Sundays for children under 12 and parents. Their prices are very good at £5 for children under five with an adult, £7.50 for children aged 5-12 and £7.50 for any additional adults.

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3) Leap of Faith, Wild Place Project

Leap of Faith is an outdoor climbing center for your little monkeys to enjoy. They have Bristol’s only thirty-foot swing, lots of climbing to enjoy and a leap of faith where you can jump fifteen foot. It’s open weekends and holidays for families to enjoy. The course appeals from ages five and onwards and is perfect for a family day out.

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4) We the Curious, Harbourside

We the Curious is an educational charity for kids and their families to expand their minds to the world of science. We the Curious encourage kids to ask questions, get involved and mostly have fun. They offer science shows, planetarium shows, have exhibition spaces and have themed days to encourage scientific thinking.

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5) Bristol aquarium

Bristol aquarium encourages your children to discover the wonders of the deep blue. They have more than 40 displays and thousands of creatures! They are the only aquarium in the UK to have a botanical house with different types of plant species. They have talks explaining information on different creatures and do live feeds for all the family to enjoy.

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6) Treasure Hunt

Hunt fun is a treasure trail for you and your family to enjoy. The clues can either be printed or downloaded onto a mobile. The map will take you and your family to different places in Bristol where you can all uncover clues and complete fun challenges. The trail will take two hours roughly and at the end of the day you can print out your very own certificate. A perfect day out for you and your little explorers.

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