‘I Don’t Know How My Mum Travelled With Five Kids And No iPad’: Jodie Kidd Talks To Mother&Baby

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Her CV includes racing driver, polo player and supermodel. And now Jodie Kidd’s juggling a new venture – along with motherhood and wedding planning

Jodie Kidd is tapping away furiously on her phone. ‘So sorry, I’m trying to send a tweet and it won’t let me,’ she laughs, putting it down and smiling warmly.

The model and TV presenter, 35, is unveiling her collaboration with British lifestyle brand Debrett’s – a range of luxe, vibrant travel wallets designed with holidays and her little boy firmly in mind. Jodie’s son is Indio, nearly three, from a previous relationship with polo player Andrea Vianini.

She’s joined at the launch by her author fiancé David Blakeley and, as we talk travel, toddlers and the new range, she reveals her wedding organisation secrets – mums and multi-tasking in a racing car.

Q: What are your travelling-with-toddler tips?
Jodie: Organisation is key. And an iPad. I’m the youngest of five and I have no idea how my mum did it [the family lived abroad for years] – she says she just walked around with two big bin liners of toys for us! So, on an aeroplane, an iPad or app on your phone can help when your child has to sit down. Although taking it off them is a whole other ball game. For babies, make sure they drink on take off and landing, as it helps them settle.

Q: Any nightmare flight stories?

Jodie: I had a really painful 11-hour one. There was a man sitting next to us on crutches because he’d broken his ankle, and Indi started getting twitchy and suddenly bolted – straight over the man’s leg.

After we landed, I was carrying everything… and Indio did the biggest poo ever. All over him, all down me. That was my worst flight ever

Later he knocked his spaghetti all over the same man and after we finally landed, I was carrying everything… and he did the biggest poo ever. All over him, all down me. That was my worst flight ever.

Q: Talk us through the inspiration for the range
Jodie: When Debrett’s first mentioned a collaboration, I’d just come back from holiday with Indi. And it was a nightmare going through airports – you’ve got baby, your handbag, his bag, the trolley and then you have to get your boarding card out... So, I was adamant about making travelling easier. We wanted to come up with a range of ‘no hands’ wallets that were fun, bright and amazingly well made. The over-the-shoulder style is for vitals like your passport, and the larger wallets have space for gadgets and slot onto your suitcase.

'Something practical missing from the market'

Q: How was it having a project like this?
Jodie: Fabulous, really fun. I thought it was something practical missing from the market, and we could still make it very fashionable and cool. And now David’s choosing which colour he wants – light blue – so we could be branching into a range for men next [laughs].

Q: Congratulations on your engagement – how’s the planning going?
Jodie: It’s going! Mums are being very, very useful. Every two minutes we have free, we’ll be emailing someone. I was racing cars yesterday [Jodie used to drive professionally], so in a G40 one minute and on the phone to marquee people the next.

Q: How will Indio be involved on the day?
Jodie: He’s going to be centre of attention. He hasn’t got an official title but he’ll be put to work – welcoming guests, looking after the rings, playing the organ… We’re just trying to find his outfit at the moment – he’s going to be the one person who’s allowed to upstage the bride [laughs].

Q: What advice would you give people co-parenting after a separation?
Jodie: It’s a very tough thing. Harmony is important. Keeping as friendly as possible and thinking about your child, doing the best for him and not using him as a pawn in any type of way. Stay friends as much as you possibly can – I know it’s really difficult.

Jodie's range with Debrett's is available now.

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