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Given that we’re currently not allowed to leave the house, except for essential reasons, going away on holiday just is not an option for us at the moment.

But, as mums, we are nothing if not resourceful – and if we can’t make a holiday in the garden special, then no one can.

A garden holiday can be an exciting adventure for your children, whatever their age. Toddlers will love the different surroundings and magical experience, while older children can help organise the 'trip', plan events such as story telling and stage shows, and even help out with cooking on the camp stove.

There’s so much fun to be had in your own garden. You can set up scavenger hunts to find leaves, stones, twigs and bugs, helping everyone to learn more about nature – you could even order a bug spotting book before you embark on the adventure. Your older children can draw the insects, flowers and birds they see, while younger ones can look at colours and shapes.

You can create a reading corner to read within nature, do some cloud watching, have some sensory playtime, or fashion a magical fairy garden. You can adventure all day long in the garden with all sorts of toys and gear.

We’ve pulled together a list of stuff you’ll need if you’re going to enjoy an adventure in your back garden. For more ideas on garden activities for kids, check out our full list here.

And, if you want to camp overnight, we've got all the gear for that, too.

Best tent
The Magic Toy Shop Pop Up 2 Man Tent
Price: £13.19


This open-sided tent will provide young ones some shade while they’re in the garden, and allows

2. Quieting Kids Teepee

Best teepee


This cotton canvas tepee with pine poles makes a great den for the little ones. It works both

Best tall teepee


Much like the Quieting Kids Teepee Play Tent, but for little ones who are a smidge taller. This

4. Tent-Pop Up

Best indoor tent


This lovely little over-bed tent offers the chance to bring the outdoors in. The star design will

5. Melissa u0026 Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Camping Tent

Best turtle tent


The Tootle Turtle Tent is not only fun to say, but is really exciting for children. The colourful

Best playhouse tent


If you’re looking for a play tent for a number of children, then look no further. The Cuddlesome

Best paddling pool
Bestway Paddling Pool

Rrp: £8.56

Price: £6.90


On the garden adventure, this paddling pool is a very exciting thing to come across – is it the

Best sandpit
Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox
Price: £71.49


Add another dimension into outdoor play with a sandpit, allowing for beach-style building and

9. Radio Flyer W5 Little Red Toy Wagon

Best red wagon


If you’re going exploring, then you need to be able to take the right kit with you!

Best scavenger hunt kit
gofindit outdoor nature treasure hunt card game

Rrp: £9.00

Price: £9.00


Gofindit is a natural scavenger hunt which offers a great mix of fun, challenge excitement and

11. Barbecue Grill Kids Cooking Toys

Best kids' BBQ


What camping trip is complete without a barbecue at the end of the day? Adults, it’s time get

Best kids' camera
Digital camera for kids

Rrp: £59.99

Price: £34.99


Holidays need photos. If your little one is off adventuring around the garden, why not let them

Best gardening set
deAO Fairy Tale DIY Miniature Gardening Magical Cottage Play Set
Price: £16.99


If you're gardening, then your little ones will want to be gardening too. This DIY set will

14. Upgrow Walkie Talkie

Best walkie-talkie


One sure-fire way to turn a play in the garden into an adventure is with walkie talkies. They’re

15. Born Toys Deluxe Premium Washable Dress up Trunk Set

Best dress-up


This set will really set a child’s imagination running – there are three costumes to choose from,

Best bug set
My Living World Bug Safari
Price: £13.95


This is a really playful way of getting children engaged with the natural world around them (and

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