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With summer in full swing, you’ll no doubt be thinking about your next adventure. With staycations becoming more and more popular we explore why having a road trip this summer with the SKODA KAMIQ could be just the ticket.

Taking a road trip with family or friends can be fun, and while there are many positives to travelling by car, being in a lengthy car journey with your tots, in particular, can be stressful.

To help make your next car journey as stress-free as possible, we’ve come up with some of the best reasons why the SKODA KAMIQ is the best option to help you navigate around the country. From a panoramic roof to full LED headlights, the KAMIQ has plenty on offer to alleviate some of the pressures whilst on a road trip.

Drive time

When it comes to road trips it’s important to allow enough time for your journey. You never know when something unexpected might arise, you may need to pick something up at the last minute from the shops for the camping trip or you’ve got stuck in traffic.

One interesting point is when families choose to travel, some prefer daytime driving, while others opt for driving at night. Some parents think that driving in the evening is the best choice because children can sleep in the car on the journey. The SKODA KAMIQ is fitted with LED lights to aid vision and visibility, which will come in particularly handy if you do decide to drive at night.

To help find the perfect route, the SKODA KAMIQ navigation unit has a smart online route calculator to make sure you find the best route every time. SKODA servers ensure that traffic and forecast conditions are considered along the way to give you a quick and accurate route to get you to your destination in the quickest time possible.

As part of SKODA Connect functions, there are many other features that are useful when on a road trip, whether you’re with your family, your partner, or your mum and dad. Some of these features include online infotainment services, the Proactive Service allowing you to automatically connect to service centres or calls for assistance even if you have a minor accident, and Care Connect: Remote Access, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the vehicle and is compatible with most of SKODA’s infotainment systems.

The infotainment system as a whole is very impressive. With a 9.2” touchscreen you can play music, use the navigation system, use SmartLink to connect your smartphone through Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

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One reason why travelling by car is our preferred mode of transport is that we can take all our much-needed home comforts with us–but be careful not to go overboard. Try to keep all the luggage that you want to take with you in the boot of the car. This will help to remove any anxiety or stress of having bits lodged into the back seats cluttering the space of your passenger’s, be they little or large.

Now with an average SUV having around 200-300 litres of boot space, the SKODA KAMIQ allows for a mega 400 litres. Trust us, this is something we look into, anything below 300 litres and you’ll struggle to get a standard pushchair and shopping in there, at the same time.

The KAMIQ’s boot space can be expanded to 1,395 litres, with the rear seats folded, so if it’s just you and your partner travelling you can pack up the car for a good week or two off. Elsewhere there’s also large door bins for plenty of added storage which always help.

SKODA offer a great selection of accessories with for their KAMIQ range, including bike carriers and roof racks to use top boxes for added luggage. They also have a Boot Package option which includes luggage compartment cover with luggage net, mounting fixtures and storage compartment under the parcel shelf.


There are many safety aspects to consider before and during your road trip–whether it’s checking tyre pressures before you set off or ensuring you’re stocked up with bottles of water for those hot days. The SKODA KAMIQ also has multiple ways to help play a part in a safer drive, including nine airbags and a couple of driver assistance systems. Other safety aspects include:

Driving assistance: You can use front assist, with pedestrian detection, autonomous emergency braking, lane assist and multi-collision braking which helps if you are rear-ended by stopping you from pushing into any cars in front.

ISOFIX: Fit in the baby or toddler car seats at three ISOFIX point options to keep your littles ones as safe as possible. Ensure to always follow the correct car seat safety rules for your children, this includes to keep your child rear facing until they’re around 15 months old.

Adaptive cruise control: This great feature ensures you don’t get too close to the car in front. The SKODA KAMIQ has a radar on the front grille to enable you to maintain a constant speed without using the pedals. You can flip this control on and off directly from the steering wheel.

SKODA Connect lock check: This clever service by SKODA allows you to do so many things as we’ve mentioned above already. Outside of these features, you can also lock and unlock your SKODA with the SKODA Connect Portal app. So, if you’ve stepped away from your car and forgotten if you’ve locked it or not, you can open the app to check the status of your vehicle.

SKODA Connect Emergency Call: Another feature in this service is the eCall safety feature, which comes as standard on the Car Connect service package. This service will allow you to call 999 by the click of a button. In the event of a major accident the vehicle’s sensors will automatically activate this call through to emergency services.

SKODA KAMIQ: Further specifications There are four SKODA KAMIQ models to choose from, the SE, SE DRIVE, SE L EXECUTIVE and MONTE CARLO. Each of these price points vary from £21,305 to £25,330.

While each of these having different configurations, here are some other features which are useful to know about the SKODA KAMIQ range as a whole:

  • Multifunctional steering wheel

  • Wireless Smartlink

  • Rear view camera (optional)

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Virtual cockpit (optional on SE and SE Drive)

  • Front centre armrest

  • Two rear USB ports

  • Electric driver’s seat (optional on the Monte Carlo and SE L Executive – pictured above)

  • Seven-speed DSG gearbox

  • Umbrella storage in driver's door (including umbrella)

  • Windscreen washer reservoir

  • Glasses storage compartment

  • Ice scraper behind petrol flap

  • Foldable tables (optional and included in Interior package)

  • Door edge protection (optional and included with the Family or Simply Clever package)

For more information visit UK specifications may vary. Features listed includes optional extras.

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