The best places for a family date in the UK


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Dating as a single parentcan be hard, especially if you struggle to find child care. That’s why many single parents and blended families are resorting to child friendly dates when it comes to dating.

Even if you feel like you’ve met that special someone and you’re ready to introduce them to your kids, it can sometimes be easier to have that first introduction in a neutral environment rather than one of your houses to put everyone at ease.

Playdate, the UK’s first dating app aimed solely at single parents, is aiming to make the dating process as easy as possible for parents by creating a list of the best places in the UK for a family date that the whole family will love.

The list includes a number of the country’s top venues and attractions, as well as a few more slightly unusual choices.

The best places for a family date in the UK

  1. TheI’m A Celebrity Jungle Challenge at Media City UK, Manchester offers fun for all the family. Inspired by the popular ITV reality show, you’ll have to climb walls, complete puzzles and search the jungle for stars - just watch out for the bush tucker trials!
  1. If you want to enjoy some culture on your date, theV&A in Dundee is the perfect place to visit. Having opened in 2018, this stunning building houses the best in Scottish creativity and design. You’ll be able to explore the latest exhibition, grab a bite to eat in the cafe and also venture out into Dundee if you fancy.

3)The Shard - Offering amazing skyline views of London, you can enjoy a meal or simply brave the heights! There’s also plenty more to do in London after you’ve taken in the views making it a brilliant family date location for a fun day out.

4)Poole Harbour in Dorset is Europe’s largest natural harbour and is a great location for many activities. As well as partaking in various water-sports, you can also take in the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying a walk and a tasty bite to eat while admiring the boats.

  1. If you are looking to include curious little ones in a family date who might need a distraction,Eureka, the national children’s museum, in Halifax is a great choice. It’s full of interactive games where children are encouraged to learn and develop their creative side.
  1. If you like energetic and action packed dates,Mountain Bike Wales can certainly supply that with events and activities taking place throughout the year. Perhaps one more the older, more adventurous kids, there’ll certainly not be any awkward silences here.
  1. If you’re based close to London and the weather is forecast to be good, you can enjoy the views fromPrimrose Hill in London. There are some beautiful parks in the capital, and it might be your ideal date to grab a picnic and let the kids have a run around for a few hours.
  1. York is an amazing city to visit and well known for its history, but did you know it's also famous for chocolate? Who doesn’t love that! York’s Chocolate Story is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth making it the ideal family date day!
  1. For something a little different but still a lot of fun, how about taking a punt on a trip to Oxford? WithOxford Punting, you can take to the water and explore the beautiful city on the water before grabbing a bite to eat in the city.

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