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Finding the right swimming cap or products for afro hair can sometimes be tricky. From latex to silicone and rubber, the question is which one is best suited for your child?

Swimming pools have strong chemicals like chlorine, a type of bleach that take away the oils that keep your hair cuticles together and tends to suck the moisture out, causing harm and making it weak and dry. If your little one loves to swim, it’s best for them to wear a swim cap. It will keep their hair in place and stop it from knotting, and also will help to keep your hair healthy.

A swimming cap for afro hair that is sturdy, protective, and built with extra room – giving you the cosy fit and tight closure, is key. This will help keep your thick hair dry during those swimming days.

Best at a glance:

  • Best overall swimming cap for afro hair: Soul Cap Jr, buy on Amazon

  • Best afro swimming cap for thick hair: Yanc pack of 1/2 unisex swimming cap, buy on Amazon

  • Best afro swimming cap for price: Thethreadsshop swimming cap, buy on Etsy

Especially if your little one is excited to get in the pool – it can also be extremely challenging when trying to wriggle their hair into a swimming cap, and even harder with a black girl hairstyle! While swimming caps also stop the rubber straps of goggles ripping or dragging on hair of any length, they also prevent hair from damaging or getting in your little one’s face. So they can splash and dive while keeping their hair looking great, here at our best swimming caps for afro hair:

Best afro swimming cap for braids

Yogingo swimming cap for kids is made of strong and durable silicone, giving your little one the best wearing experience. With no deformation after constantly using, the non-toxic, skin-friendly, wrinkle-free, comfortable and safe to use material, will make sure your lttle one;s hair is protected.

One reviewer said: "Great product for children with Afro hair or braids. It good qu ality and keeps the hair dry not like most standard swimming caps."


  • Made of high quality and durable silicone.
  • with excellent elasticity. it can be stretched easily to achleve the best wearing elect.


  • Not much left in stock.

Best afro swimming cap for long hair

swimming cap for afro hair
Price: $11.99

The Vanocat swimming cap kids is is perfect if your little one has bulky, braids, crochet mambo, extensions, weave on or afro hair. Not only will It will keep your kids hair lock secure and tangle-free when swimming, but it will give them a better experience in the pool.

One reviewer said: "My daughter has very thick hair and the swim cap fits perfectly! I am very satisfied and recommend it to others."


  • The Vanocat swimming cap kids is specifically designed with extra large size for spacious room.
  • Is created in shape of a human skull, which makes a good and comfortable fit for most kids head, and it is easy to take on/off without snagging your kid's hair. 


  • Not many colours to choose from.

Best afro swimming cap for dreadlocks

soul cap swimming cap
Price: $15.99

The soul cap jr was specifically made for young and ambitious swimmers who have full, thick and lengthy hair. With extra space up top and warm fit, this will fit any hair texture and hairstyle, and is also 100% premium silicone,making it skin safe and BPA-free.

One reviewer said: "My son, who currently has cainrows didn't get his hair wet at all with this cap. The material is beautiful. Didn't pull any lose bits of hair. Easy to fit on his head. No fussing from my boy at all. Thank you. We needed this!"


  • Made from 100% silicone – for a cap that's strong, flexible, and built to last.
  • Gives your kids the safe, dry, and damage-free hair they deserve.


  • Only comes in Size M (medium)

Best afro swimming cap for thick hair

swimming cap
Price: $15.99

We get it, having your child come out of the pool with partially or totally wet hair can be stressful. With wet hair comes blow drying, combing, styling and more, but with lahtak kid’s swim caps, you won't need to worry. You can also change the tighness to help get that perfect seal, which is handy for different head shapes and sizes.

One reviewer said: "I got this for my eldest who has long thick hair and struggle with the standard shaped ones. lovely light blue colour and fits well overall. i got as we were going swimming and need to cover recently pierced ears. it worked okay though did ride up a couple of times and in the end removed it opting for cleaner thoroughly afterwards. for general use to keep hair dry its great.


  • It's made from tough silicone material, which is stretchable.
  • Durable, soft, and comfortable (unlike Lycra), and it will last for a long period of time.


  • Running out of stock quite quickly.

Best afro swimming cap for comfort

swimming cap
Price: $18.50

This easy to put on swimming hat, by Happy Mane is funky and stylish for everyone, and will help give that cosy feel that you so much desire around the ears. No matter your hairstyle, if want to ensure your hair is protected and stays dry while in the pool, bath, or other water activity, this is a good investment,

One reviewer said: "My daughter has lots of hair and this helps a lot. Really easy to put on plus her hair doesn’t get wet. Very roomy at the top and she is 5 years old. She got Afro hair and goes swimming every week, so I don’t have to worry about blowing drying her hair."


  • High quality silicone material offers flexibility and durability
  • Unique design which is not just an xl shower cap but bulbous shape to fit your dreads, afro, weave, or long hair easily


  • Not suitable for babies.

Best afro swimming cap for design

Worried about your litttle ones swimming cap slipping off in the pool? well, with the inner layer of the swimming hat having a non-slip design, you won't have to. Brightly and creatively coloured the material is subtle and strong, it making it easy to wear, but harder to tear. Safe and waterproof, this cap will keep hair tidy and dry, while protecting your gorgeous hair from chlorine, bacteria amnd sand.

One reviewer said: "Very well made fits my 8 year old perfectly feels like it will last and is so cheap definitely recommend."


  • 100% high quality silicone material, safe and environmentally friendly
  • High elasticity, soft texture, comfortable fit, suitable for all day wear


  • Material is quite thin.

Best afro swimming cap for sensitive skin

yellow swimming hat
Price: $11.99

If your little one loves colour, this this one is for you. This lemon looking swimming cap is made from premium quality silicone material, and though it is quite stretchy, it is sturdy and won't easily rip or lose its orginal shape. An odourless material, non-toxic and hypoallergenic makes it safe for kids with sensitive skin, with a snug fit, making suitable for girls and boys.
One reviewer said:** "After having used a few different materials and makes, I found this one great on my 3.5 year old. It stayed in place all lesson and kept her hair hidden. Goggles were easy to slide over the hat. Quick delivery & good material."


  • With this swimming caps, kids are protected from excessive contact with chlorine and bacteria in the water.
  • Allows for a tangle free swimming experience, with many colours to choose from.


  • Deal runs out soon.

Best afro swimming cap for thick hair

It's saturday, and that means kids activity day? YANC swimming cap in baby blue is waterproof, strong, durable and water resistant. The waterproof coating shields the hair from chlorine water and s great with all textures. Provem to be a swimming cap with great elasticity, it is also tear-resistant material and does not change its shape even after being used.

One reviewer said: "With a head circumference of 52 cm, this swim cap fits very well and can be easily put on by the child alone."


  • Soft and lightweight, comfortable and pleasant to put on and take off.
  • As a girls swimming hat, it is elastic enough to accommodate girls with long hair - and can easily shrink back to size for boys to use


  • Designed more for small heads.

Best afro swimming cap for durability

This high-grade, 100% silicone swim cap is made to protect your hair from harsh chemicals in the pool, and prevent hair damage. A very super cosy material, and easy to put on, you won't have to worry about hair pulling or tugging, as the material is super stretchy. It also comes in 4 different colours, fro your little one to chose from, as they are all hypoallergenic with no risk of skin irritation.

One reviewer said: "It's only been used once for swimming and once for wearing around the house (that's how much my daughter loves it) and it seems like a great cap for a kid (mine is nine). So far so good."


  • The caps are hypoallergenic so there's no skin irritation like neoprene, latex & Lycra caps cause 
  • Our swim caps resist tears, rips & wear caused by harsh pool chemicals - Extremely durable!


  • Needs help putting on.

Best afro swimming cap for quality

Soft, waterproof and silicone comfortable, this mint looking swimming hat is perfect for afro's, long or thick hair and short to medium length dreadlocks, so you;ll have peace of mind when your little one is swimming in the pool.

One reviewer said: "Exactly as described and just what I needed to enjoy one of my favorite form of exercise and fun. Delivery was fast. The swim cap is made of strong, sturdy material. I love it.'


  • This swim cap offers a snug fit so for head circumferences which are on the larger side or for long dreadlocks.
  • The caps are made from 100% silicone.


  • Due to hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns on swim caps.

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