Sainsbury’s flower delivery: affordable bouquets delivered for as little as £1

Sainsbury's flower delivery

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Sending thoughtful and gorgeous flowers need not break the bank, especially for a parent who’s juggling school uniforms and the ever-rising price of toys.

Whether you just want to let someone know you’re thinking of them, or feel like a loved one deserves some congratulatory blooms, you don’t need to break the bank for a beautiful bouquet. Sainsbury’s flower delivery proves flowers are for everyone and there’s an arrangement for it all, all while being under a whopping £12!

Sainsbury’s online flower delivery works just like doing your weekly food shop online, in fact, you can do them both at the same time. It’s as easy as popping your favourite bouquet in the trolley along with your veg and treats. With delivery slots from just £1 for you to pick a time convenient for you, what’s not to love?

Affordable flowers that look good and last a long time, there’s no reason you can’t be treating yourself or a loved one for birthdays or anniversaries.

So, whether you’re inspired to get every house in your home decked out in divine fresh flowers or have an upcoming birthday to prep for, Sainsbury’s flower delivery in the UK has got you sorted. Keep scrolling to find our top picks of the best bouquets available to order right now.

Where do I find Sainsbury’s flower delivery?

Head to just as you would do for an online grocery order. Find the Groceries drop-down tab and navigate towards Homeware & Outdoor where you’ll find a Fresh Flowers & Plants option - it’s as easy as that.

How to care for your new fresh flower bouquet:

1. Fill a clean vase with 1 litre of cool water and add the sachet of flower food where provided.

2. Cut 2cm diagonally from the base of the stems and place into the vase.

3. Ideally display your flowers away from direct sunlight and heat.

4.Top up with water as required.

5. Do not allow stems to dry out.

Believe it or not, this is the most expensive bouquet you can get, all for the brilliant price of £12! We’re just as shocked as you are. Blooming lilies between gorgeous greenery, this bouquet is an absolute steal.

Size: This bouquet contains three white bloom chrysanths, one white rose, three asters, three antirrhinum, one pink oriental lily, one rhododendron and two palm leaves.

Review: “I was bought these by my lovely neighbour as I'm solo-shielding and she quite rightly thought I needed my spirits lifting. A week on and they're still going strong, with the triple stargazer lily only just opening. It's a great quality, really beautiful bouquet. I've been really pleasantly surprised by the standard as the roses I had delivered from Sainsbury's the week before sadly died within a day or two and were in terrible shape when delivered. These are in a different league - a really pretty, healthy arrangement.”

What’s not to love about a gorgeous bouquet of bright peonies? We’re obsessed with this pink and how beautifully they’ll bloom in your home.

Size: This bunch contains: Five peonies in the colours: pink, cerise, red, white and coral

Review: “I got dark pink peonies, they're a lovely colour. One flower only opened a bit, but the others opened right up, 12 days later they're still going strong.”

The best picks of the season, these flowers will bring life and colour into any room in your home, or even make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Size: This bouquet contains 16 stems: five pink roses, five pink germini, three purple-bicolour chrysanthemums, two white chrysanthemums and one pistache

Review: “I was brought these as a gift, very pretty and lasted well. I liked them so much I then brought them as a gift for a family member. More expensive than a smaller normal bunch but a nice treat gift.”

Just in for the summer! This gorgeous and bright bouquet is what your cottage core dreams are made of.

We love:

  • The contrast of bright yellows, pinks and violets
  • It’s the perfect summer bouquet!
  • Sunflowers are long-lasting if well looked after

Keep it simple with these sunflowers, easy to look after and long-lasting these are a beam of sunshine in any home. We think these would make a great gift for anyone needing a bit of cheering up.

Size: 5x yellow sunflowers

Review: “Have bought these every 2 weeks for months and they have never failed. Lovely big heads that open beautifully and last for 10 -14 days easily. Just cut them down add the flower food to water and top up every few days. Sad to see the season end. Highly recommended.”

Roses are a classic for a reason, and this bouquet of sweetheart roses can do no wrong. For just £2.50, style need not be compromised on price – you can treat all your friends and family to a sweet surprise.

Size: This bunch contains 10 roses. They vary in the colours yellow, orange, white, red, cerise or pink

Review: “Sent these as a substitute. Cannot fault them. Pleased to say they lasted two whole weeks on my window ledge with a radiator underneath! Well done to whoever picked them, shall order them again hope I’m as lucky next time - I did change the water regularly.”

Pot colour u0026 plant variety may vary

Sainsbury's flower delivery isn’t just great for flower bouquets, you can grab yourself some great potted plants, too. It's a lucky dip of what plant you’ll get, but a great longer lasting gift to bring some greenery into your life.

Review: “Healthy plant, which came in a really nice blue and grey ceramic pot. I've had a lot of plants from Sainsburys and ended up with seven Parlour Palms in total. Six from the cheaper range. If you're happy to have whatever plant may turn up on the day, definitely order one. As always, value for money.”

An uplifting selection of fresh flowers, superb value for money and great quality, this selection of flowers is long lasting and smells divine.

Size: Two white chrysanthemum, two pink chrysanthemum, one pink spray carnation, one pink germini, one pistache, one pink rose

Review: “I try to treat myself to a bunch of this particular Pink and Pearl Bouquet every week as I find that they can be split comfortably into two medium sized vases and placed in two areas. They smell of the garden and I always get compliments. Really lovely to look at and the price is reasonable, I really couldn't ask for more.”

A beautiful bouquet that’ll sure cheer anyone up! Vibrant with the season’s top picks, this colourful bouquet is a pleasant treat your loved ones will be glad to receive.

Size: One yellow spray chrysanthemum, one chrysanthemum, two green santini, one yellow gerbera, one orange germini, one cerise germini, one orange rose, one cerise rose, one pistache

Review: "Have now had these twice - very colourful selection as shown. Fresh and long lasting, compared to other supermarkets these are excellent value at only £5."

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