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Little Butterfly London KIDS Range

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Skincare and also haircare for kids needs to be extra special in order to nurture and protect. This is because their skin and hair is thin, porous, and prone to dryness, which makes them more sensitive to things like pollution, dust, and dirt.

Some skincare products are too harsh on children's delicate skin and will break down the essential microbiome – the skin's barrier and first defence against external irritants – which can trigger skin conditions such as eczema. If you're looking for the best kids' skincare and kids' haircare products for your growing child, they should ideally be 100 per cent natural to be gentle on your little one's skin.

To help make looking after your child's skin and hair a little easier, Little Butterfly London, known for its pure and gentle range of skincare for mothers and babies, has launched an exclusive new skincare and haircare range made for the unique skin of toddlers and children. This range is the first of its kind to have been specially formulated for children aged 3+ years, and designed to strengthen and protect the skin's microbiome without affecting the natural protective barrier, helping to restore the skin's natural balance. The new certified-organic, vegan-friendly and eco-conscious collection includes a range of products that can be bought individually, as well as two adorable gift sets.

Commenting on its new range, the brand said, "While kids are fording streams, rolling down hills, or climbing trees, we encourage them to feel unlimited, strong and confident in their own skin, which sets the philosophy for our new 3+ kids range: to simply fly free."

The new Little Butterfly range expands on the existing collection of gentle to skin products, providing you with a whole new selection of skincare and haircare you can trust to nurture and protect your brave little butterflies as they explore the world.

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Little Butterfly London Kids All Day Fun Face CreamLittle Butterfly London

Have you been looking for gentle skincare for kids? Apply this light and fruity-fresh formula face cream, specially formulated for kids, morning and evening for cheerful smiles and happy faces. Tested on sensitive skin, it is proven to help strengthen the microbiome and improve the skin's moisture barrier with a unique blend of nourishing oils – including reship, macula and flaxseed. You get 50ml and it comes in an easy-to-use airless pump dispenser, which means your little one can practise applying it independently to develop a fun daily routine**.**

Little Butterfy London Kids Glow And Grow Body LotionLittle Butterfly London

For radiant, adventure-ready skin, Little Butterfly London offers your little explorer this certified-organic all-over kids' body lotion for complete moisture protection. It smells fresh and fruity so your little one will love wearing it. Plus, it's specially formulated for their delicate and sensitive skin, so it's soothing with no risk of irritation, containing only 100 per cent natural ingredients – including a balanced omega 3-6-9 oil blend of rosehip, flaxseed, and marula oils. Just massage daily for natural glowing hydration.

Little Butterfly London Kids Free To Foarm Bath BubblesLittle Butterfly London

What kid doesn't love bubbles? You can love this kids' bubble bath too knowing that it's made from 100 per cent natural ingredients – including the nourishing oils of rosehip, flaxseed, and marula fruit. Your little one will love washing away the day's play with this fruity fresh and gently cleansing foam bath that'll leave their skin feeling super-soft and hydrated. It has been tested on sensitive skin and is clinically proven to protect and maintain the skin microbiome.

Little Butterfly London Kids Hair To Dream Conditioning ShampooLittle Butterfly London

With a natural fruity-fresh and organic vegan formula, fortified with a balanced blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, you'll love massaging this conditioning children's shampoo into your little one's locks. It'll leave their hair strong, and looking super shiny, not to mention feeling soft to the touch – you'll be able to turn even the wildest hair dreamy.

The gift sets come beautifully presented in butterfly-themed gift boxes: Butterfly London

The KIDS Essential Set by Little Butterfly London includes a 300ml 'glow and grow' kids' body lotion plus a 300ml 'free to foam' kids bubble bath, making it a lovely gift set for nursery friends or family who have children over the age of 3 years. We love that it comes all wrapped up in a fun butterfly gift box ready to give and bring a smile to loved ones' faces, so that you don't have to worry about gift wrap – unless you're feeling extra.

Little Butterfly London Kids Bestseller SetLittle Butterfly London

For the ultimate gift set, go for Little Butterfly London's bestseller set for kids. It includes the 300ml 'glow and grow' kids' body lotion, 300ml 'free to foam' kids' bubble bath and a 50ml 'all day fun' protection face cream for kids. It's everything you could hope to offer loved ones in a gift set to prepare young skin for magical adventures. It all comes beautifully wrapped up in a fun butterfly gift box and we're sure it will make their day.

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