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Boxing might not be the first sport you think of when it comes to deciding on a hobby for your child but there are lots of benefits to getting your youngster involved.

A fantastic way for them to stay active, boxing also helps increase children's concentration, instil respect and to build confidence and discipline.

But what does your child need for boxing? Along with some boxing gloves, you'll also need to pick up some boxing boots.

Why are boxing boots important?

Although not strictly necessary if your child is just dipping their toes into boxing, a pair of boxing boots are a must if it's something they are keen to progress in.

Typically made from breathable materials, boxing boots are designed to help sweat quickly evaporate so as to keep the feet dry to ensure the boxer stays on their feet and are able to grip the surface. They are also lightweight so your child can move quickly and agilely.

The best kids boxing boots

These suede boxing boots have an anti-slip sole ideal whether your child is training or competing. Made with a modern 'low-cut' mesh, they'll keep feet cool and comfortable throughout.

Available in sizes: 1-6

A popular brand we all know, these Adidas boxing boots have laces for an adjustable fit so there's no worrying about them slipping off. They have a soft and durable outer material as well as reinforcements for extra support.

Available in sizes: 1-13.5

Review: "Fit my daughter perfectly, they have lasted well and cause no problems."

Another well-known brand, your child will be super comfy with these Lonsdale boxing boots thanks to the quilted and padded ankle and full laced front as well as the mesh panels to allow for increased breathability. The heavily gripped outsole ensures a solid stance while boxing.

Available in sizes: 3-6

Review: "My son loves these for boxing. Good value for money."

Ideal if your youngster is just starting out with boxing, these boots are constructed of breathable mesh and features reinforced toe and heel caps for added stability and durability. The rubber outsole ensures just the right grip for maximum control of movements, while the steel shaft insert provides unmatched strength and performance.

Available in sizes: 13-4

Choose between four fun colours in these modern boxing boots. The gum rubber soles provide ultimate grip and traction and they also feature a lock-down strap for even more support and for a secure fit.

Available in sizes: 1-6

Designed for comfort and optimal movement, these boxing shoes feature a tough outsole for great traction while the suede and synthetic overlays on the upper provide lightweight durability and support for your child.

Available in sizes: 11-5.5

Review: "Really smart looking shoes, bought for women’s deadlifting as I couldn’t find a small size anywhere else! Really comfortable."

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